David Collett

Welcome to David Collett


David Collett is a catered hall on the west side of campus that's home to around 320 students.

We're located close to the engineering faculties, only a stone's throw away from the library, and a couple of minutes from Holywell Gym, the University Stadium, Papa Si's (fast food) and the Purple Onion (small shop).


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If you're joining us this year, congratulations and welcome to Loughborough!

Move in day for DC this year is 25th September - remember to confirm your arrival slot before the day! Also before arriving, you'll need to pay your 'freshers subs' as these are what pay for everything we've arranged to ensure you have an amazing freshers! You can do this using our e-shop below.

(N.B. You will need to be logged in to make a purchase)

If you have any questions, you can ask to join our freshers group chat; or message the page privately if you prefer, and a member of the hall committee will respond as soon as possible. You can also take this opportunity to get to know some of your new hall-mates!

Please note: membership of the freshers chat requires hall subs to be paid, which will be verified upon joining.

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