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Welcome to Butler Court!

Congratulations on making your first step towards joining what is without a doubt the greatest hall on campus. 

This is the official page for Butler Court, where you can find out everything that's going on and purchase tickets for our events!

We are going to provide you with the best Fresher's week you can imagine. Our committee are currently in the process of organising a fortnight to remember, from fancy dress nights out to chilled out day events.

Butler Court has a history of providing the Student's Union with the loudest, the proudest and most insane fresher’s on campus. This is down to a history of fresher’s who get involved in every aspect of university, from inter-hall sports teams, charity events, volunteering in the local community and eventually having the opportunity to join our hall committee yourself to get involved - there is something for everyone so don't be afraid to get stuck in! 

Our common room is unrivalled on campus. It is large but cosy, and a perfect place to hang out with friends with free use of our Sky HD, pool tables, table tennis, a playstation 4 and tonnes of comfy sofas! 

At Butler Court we know that the secret to having the best possible time at university is to start saying yes to opportunities that come your way. Our tight knit community means we all have each others backs and are friends for life, so make this the first good choice of your university career and apply to Butler Court!

If you have any questions about the hall then I’d love to answer them, contact me at n.tait-16@student.lboro.ac.uk, or join the freshers facebook group and write on the wall.

I can't wait to meet you all in September!

Niamh Tait, Hall Chair



Freshers Subs £120

This is for first years living in Butler Court in 2017-18. Freshers Subs give you access to all of the things we do throughout the year with the added bonus of our huge Freshers Week Programme! To take part in freshers and events that committee organise for the hall throughout the year, you must pay this fee! This one off payment enables you to take part in events including punch parties, our winter and summer ball as well as our end of year party: Butler Day! Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and select 'add to basket' next to 'Fresher Subs'.


Returners Subs £70 

Hall subs are used for hall activities throughout the year (EXCLUDING FRESHERS FORTNIGHT) like punch parties, sport pitch hire, subsidies for our Summer and Winter Balls, Butler Day and many more thrilling events that happen during your tenancy in Butler. This fee is for returners (2nd, 3rd, 4th years etc) If you decide not to pay your hall subs then you WILL NOT be able to take part in any events we put on. If you try to take part in our events having not paid your subs then we will STOP YOU FROM TAKING PART, so make sure you pay so that you can get involved!

AFFILIATION (Living in town) £20

This is for members who live outside of hall, who would still like to affiliate to the hall. This means you can take part in all IMS events. You also have access to our common room. You must pay your affiliation fees to take part in finalist week.


ERASMUS (1st term/ 2nd term students) £40

 This is for members, mostly international students, who live in halls during their first or second term. This means you can take part in all socials, Rag, Action, IMS events during either term. This covers your hall subscription, which covers the maintenance of the common room, subsidizing of events, sponsoring of hall students for charity, travel costs, TV license, amongst lots other things throughout the terms! This is also an obligatory payment.



This is for members who have been offered a place as a Fresher Helpers. This includes freshers week entries, food/drink and your fresher helper tops. 


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