Here at Loughborough, your hall gets points for reducing its energy consumption.

You can do this throughout the year by being more aware of the energy you're using. 

But a main way that we measure and award points for decreasing energy usage is through Blackouts.

Blackouts are night-time events where we pledge students in halls to turn as many of their lights and plugs off as possible to save energy.

The energy decrease is measured against that hall's usual usage and the amount reduced leads to points.

Obviously, the more energy you save, the more points you will receive!

The first Campus Wide Blackout we ran this year was for Halloween on Thursday 30th October, between 12am and 3am (Friday morning).

A very well done to BUTLER COURT for achieving the highest decrease of energy usage (when compared to the previous week) with a decrease of 17.7%.

Our second balckout of the year was on Thursday 4th December in beween 11pm and 2am.

Thanks to everyone who took part!