Campaigns: Know Your Neighbour


You wouldn’t ignore your neighbour in halls on your first why ignore your next door neighbour when you move into town?

Saying hello to your neighbours takes a few minutes out of your day, but knowing who your neighbours are can help you stay out of trouble and enjoy your time living in town. Keep an eye out for the new Neighbour Cards in your Community Welcome Packs being distrubuted in the first week of October.


Whether your neighbours are fellow students or local residents, a simple hello will not go unnoticed. You may find that your neighbours will help you out when it comes to bin collections or parcels being delivered, or may even be new people to have predrinks with! Either way that few minutes of your time can go a long way.


Informing your neighbours of any small BBQ’s or birthday drinks you may be having may prevent them from calling the police or university straight away if things get out of hands and remember that any anti-social behaviour could lead to a criminal record and/or an university discipline!


So all we’re asking you to do is knock next door, say hello and introduce yourselves. Find out a little about your neighbours, ask any questions you might have about the street you live on or living in town and let them know that if they have an issue or need to speak to you that they can knock on your door at any time!


Finally when you’re planning a predrinks or social occasion that may go on late into the evening think about your neighbours and inform them of what’s going on.