Media Awards

LSU Media Awards seek to recognise individuals, teams and sections for their work throughout each year. You can find the winners from the last few years below.


Best Contribution to Entertainment: Beatrice Quarshie
Best Contribution to Features: Alice Priestley
Best Contribution to News: Dan Leedham
Best Contribution to Sport: Ushandan Kirupalaratnam
Best Contribution to Music: Cameron Small
Best use of Marketing: LCR Committee
Label Best Section: Label Design
Label Best Volunteer: Greg Carter
LCR Best Show: Good Craic
LCR Best Volunteer: Jennifer Taylor
Lens Best Photo: Liam Cooke
Lens Best Volunteer: James Wilkins
LSUTV Best Volunteer: Thomas Stovell
Best Media Rep: Emily Millen
Most Improved Hall Media: Elvyn Richards
Hall of the Year: Harry French
Best New Volunteer: Michael Spaven
Best Overall Volunteer: Jack Berisford
Lifetime Achievement Award: Paul Johnston



Best Contribution to Entertainment: Ryan Andrews
Best Contribution to Features: Katie Wilson
Best Contribution to News: Katie Wilson
Best Contribution to Sport: Liz Tyler
Label Best Section: Label Sport
Label Best Volunteer: Katie Wilson
LCR Best Show: The Cheese and Onions Show
LCR Best Volunteer: Anna Craik
Lens Best Photo: Dan Leedham
Lens Best Volunteer: Paul Johnston
Loop Best Producer: Mike Pertwee
Loop Best Volunteer: Cameron Small
LSUTV Best Show: Elections Results Night Live
LSUTV Best Volunteer: Ryan Andrews
Best Media Rep: Cameron Small
Most Improved Hall Media: Telford
Hall of the Year: Robert Bakewell
Best New Volunteer: Till Sieberth
Best Overall Volunteer: Matt Peat
Lifetime Achievement Award: Matt Peat


Label Best Section: Label Features
Label Best Journalist: Louise Burt
LCR Best On-Air Personality: Stephen Collins
LCR Best Show: The Bryn Wilkes Show
LCR Best Volunteer: Harry Kimbling
LSUTV Best On-Screen Personality: Katie Shanahan
Best Media Rep: Jennifer Taylor
Most Improved Hall Media: David Collett
Best New Volunteer: Paul Johnston
Best Overall Volunteer: Rachael Stone
Lifetime Achievement Award: Carolyn Brown


Best Event: Soundclash
Best Open: Dan Leedham
Label Best Journalist: Vignette O'Bryan
Label Best Section: Label Style
Label Best Volunteer: Carolyn Brown
LCR Best On-Air Personality: Marcus Southon
LCR Best Show: Emma Clark's Genre Hijack
LCR Best Volunteer: Tom Allright
Loop Best Volunteer: James Asamoah
LSUTV Best On-Screen Personality: Joe Lynskey
LSUTV Best Show: The Election Series
LSUTV Best Volunteer: Srishti Gupta
Best Media Rep: Rob Paterson
Most Improved Hall Media: Butler Court
Hall of the Year: Rigg-Rut
Best Team: Core Label Design Team
Best New Volunteer: AJ Young
Best Overall Volunteer: Tom Traies
Lifetime Achievement Award: Jago Pearson