Loughborough Experience Awards 2017

The LEAs currently consist of twelve individual awards, a Staff Member of the Year Award, Warden Team Member of the Year Award and the Dame Shirley Pearce Team of the Year Award. There is also the Sir David Wallace trophy- all twelve individual LEA winners are eligible for this award which is presented to the student most recognised for their exceptional contribution to the Loughborough Experience. 

"This year we beat last year’s record with over 500 nominations, making the process of picking shortlisted nominees and winners so difficult. There were so many inspirational stories and candidates this year, all showing that Loughborough attracts not only great students, but amazing people. Our 12 individual winners were students who had made massive strides to improve the experience for so many people and I was proud to be the person awarding these outstanding volunteers on behalf of the student body. ."  - Jonathan Ako

2017 Loughborough Experience Award Winners

Individual Winners

Dane Karaman

The first winner of the night is someone who has truly embraced the co-curricular offering here at LSU. They have been described by many as someone with a tireless work ethic, outstanding drive and tremendous passion. They are someone who has used this opportunity to encapsulate everything that is good about LSU.

From being a Welfare rep, a Programme Rep to UAC, Heads Up Committee and even part of the Badminton team, this person has done it all. Their biggest  contribution has been to the Hall system, first as a tremendous Hall Chair, winning Chair of the Year, and HSF President, making sure all of our hall chairs have the support and development opportunities needed to thrive. His determination is something that is nothing short of admirable and he exudes Excell-ence. Lets hope this doesn't go to his head, or forehead. 


Mary Villar

The Second award goes to someone who's numerous remarkable, loving and inspiring nominations made them a clear winner of this award. They are someone who can't help but say yes to anyone who asks them for some help or a favour. What shone through all the nominations is how they are universally loved by everyone they meet.

They have been involved in numerous sections, and have thrived in all of the roles given to them .Their big heart  and passion to help others has led them to be a big part of the Welfare, getting involved as a hall rep, halls co ordinator, nightline and heads up. This special lady is someone who has an unbelievably selfless nature and willingness to put others before herself, a true hero and ambassador of the student experience at LSU.  She is an absolute star  that I'm sure everyone agrees deserves this award.


Jonny Flowers

This person is someone who spent more time in the LSU building then doing their degree. They are so passionate about their section and the impact that they have left is tremendous. With every project they take part in they put their absolute all into it, sometimes a bit too much at times. From collaborating with other sections on award winning projects to launching WoW and rebranding the Big Match Series. This person lives for the Loughborough Sport, shown by their over 500 volunteering hours in 1 years for the section. They have tackled this immense responsibility whilst balancing difficult and demanding postgraduate studies. 


Carys Page

Our next award goes to someone who someone who, perhaps, does not have the loudest voice in Loughborough, but the amount of great things they have done while at university  speaks loudly on their behalf. This person took on a difficult task of tackling issues that would scare off or intimidate the average person.

They are described as a determined but kind hearted person. Their dedication to change the culture at university and make sure it is a safe place for everyone has been admired and noticed by everyone. They launched the first ever Loughborough Consent week and have delivered over 40 consent workshops, making sure that students know an important rule of life. The impact that her work as Womens officer and consent workshop coordinator will leave a positive mark on Loughborough for years to come.


Hannah Keating

The winner of the next award is someone is the living embodiment of a lboro keeno, putting their all into everything they put their name down for.  They have been described as someone who is tirelessly dedicated, inspirational and at their core just a truly wonderful person, touched by every person they meet.

It is sometimes hard to see in particular which section they have had their biggest impact. Whether it is through their hall as a vice chair, the hall system overall as HSF secretary, Sport as my lifestyle chair or societies as a form of support for myself *winks at crowd*. Obviously I cannot leave out welfare which is going to be left in amazing hands next year.


Rahul Mathasing

Our next winner is someone whose impact at Loughborough has increased year on year. First starting off in one section to then expanding into other areas this person just loves to get involved. They are described as someone who is always up for a challenge but more importantly, someone who is always there to help anyone with a massive smile on their face.

Their countless hours of service to the union and openness of their own personal troubles has led them to be loved campus wide, especially with their involvement in media and tech. However, I first knew them through their role as a volunteer of the society section. From a Stage society member to current event officer this person has developed in ways I could not be more proud of.


Ryan Andrews

The Winner of this award is someone who has been heavily involved in one section, but their effect has been felt across the union. They have been described as someone whom anyone can depend on no matter who asks, and there to help with any project in anyway they can. The dedication they have for their section has taken led to many amazing feats including national awards. 

Their passion for media leads to them spending hours upon hours in the office, and their impact in the section is unprecedented. You can see him at any event, helping showcase everything great about Loughborough. 


Amy Cockram

These awards stand for something greater than how many things you can get involved in at LSU. The Loughborough Experience Awards are for people that have helped shaped people's lives and this person who has done that in spades. They are an exceptional person who is not only a great leader and volunteer but also a great friend to all involved in the section. They have been described as an unstoppable force of nature that excels in everything they put their mind on.

The support they provide to everyone they work with is so appreciated, and they take the chance to jump at every opportunity possible that will help someone.  They have been a massive driving force of Action in the last 4 years, being on committee twice and remained engaged even after they returned from placement. One example of their overwhelming kindness is when they took an elderly Mrs Quail around the park once a week to provide her with some company.


Henry Howard

This award goes to someone who is the life and soul of their section. Though they started off just as an engaged volunteer they moved on to be a great advocate of their section and committee member. However, this award is for more than that. This person took the opportunity to make a real difference, not only in just Loughborough, but in the wider community as well. Their work as part of marrow society gave hundreds of students the opportunity to volunteer and contribute to a life-saving goal. This gargantuan task took this person around 5 months to organise, involved countless hours of preparation and unparalleled levels of determination.

They are not one to brag of their achievements - but he has every right to. Not only did they bring a platform to unite students and staff all on one day but they more importantly have given students that chance to be lifesavers. They are described as someone who genuinely cares about other people a kind and gentle character that speaks with actions and not words.


Raza Pirbhai

To make a major impact in a short space of time is hard, especially when trying to involve a previously engaged group. The winner of the next award is someone who has been described as someone who is the life and soul of their group. An amazing volunteer who consistently uses a variety of techniques to engage students and introduce them to the Loughborough experience. For many people it takes a couple months or years to understand what makes Loughborough special but  this person took to Loughborough like a duck to water.

They’ve been a strong advocate of our student experience within the postgrad community, making a big impact in their one year as a Loughborough student. This year LSU has made strides to improve their role in the postgraduate experience, and much of this is down to this person's involvement and passion. Postgraduates could not have asked for a better champion


Lauren Estwick

The LEAs were created to celebrate those that help make a positive experience at Loughborough. The person who has won this award has gone out of their way everyone in a group experience the best possible experience while studying as a Loughborough student. This person has been described as a caring and confident person with an iron will. Traits that are needed in their position, especially in a new institution like Loughborough in London. Their resilience  and professionalism has improved the Academic experience in Loughborough for years to come.


Kat Freeman

The winner of this award is someone who has taken full advantage on what is on offer here at Loughborough. They’ve held many roles in many sections, and won many a awards for doing so. However, for this person, it is less about how many committees they have been on, and more about the impact they have had on other people. They are diligent, hard working, passionate, and one of the most caring people around. They always work to their full potential, working to better not only themselves but those around them. Whether it is in their halls of residence, a part of stage society, in their home of action or anything else they are involved in, this person is always a leading light and someone people aspire to be. They are a hardworking, compassionate and kind hearted person and a great example of what a Loughborough student should be.


Staff Member of the Year

Alison Johnston

This award is given to any staff member of the university or union who is seen to have gone above and beyond to help shape the student experience.

For an organisation like Loughborough to run smoothly it needs to have first class staff to be there to support their students and the person who has won this award is definitely someone that puts the students first. They have not only been nominated by students, but also other staff due their commitment to their students.

They have been described as a caring and generous person and is seen as a parental figure to the students they work with. Even though they have help support two large sections they are always happy to help anyone that walks into their office. Especially if they sit in her special chair. Come rain or shine, this person is an exceptionally welcoming and caring colleague, who will go to great lengths to support those in need. Her smile is unwavering and her generosity is unending.


Dame Shirley Pearce Team of the Year Award

Athletic Union Executive

With so many amazing teams in Loughborough just getting a shortlist for this award was a hard task. The team that has won this award have shown outstanding teamwork, professionalism and creativity. Both as individuals and together they have excelled expectations and put on amazing events and ran their section flawlessly. As an ex winner my myself I understand the fortitude and hard work that goes into working with a team that might not have known each other at the start of the year, but grown into a family by the end of it.

The support they provide to their volunteers is impressive and they have outside of their role  got involved in as many other sections as possible with running Welfare campaigns, raising money for rag, doing team action projects or working with media for match report. Being led by a strong character it is simply scary at times how efficient this team is. From their club development strategy and offering over 250 hours of mentor support to them securing £4000 of sponsorship and the running of like the big match series and a ball with over 900 attendees this team does it all.


Warden of the Year

Hilary McDermott

A warden is more than someone that knocks on your door when you have made too much noise. They are there as a support system for all of our students whether they live in or outside of halls. They are there to support our students and make sure they feel safe and a part of the Loughborough family. The winner of this award is someone that not only strives to maintain a great hall community but to seen as a parent figure to everyone in their hall. They have been described as a friendly kind and motivational individual who deals with any issue any student has with fairness and compassion. They make an effort to try and get to know every member of their hall and prides themselves of making their hall a home.

They are their hall's biggest fan and can be seen chanting at football matches and running on the pitches when their team wins. Her passion for her hall is insurmountable and her love for her students is unparalleled.


Lifetime Achievement Award

Tim Garfield

The lifetime achievement award is presented to an alumni, staff member or volunteer who has made an exceptional difference to the Loughborough experience for many students over an extended period of time.

The individual receiving this award tonight has fundamentally altered the experiences of students, whether they have seen it first hand or not. For a long time sport at Loughborough was seen as only for the elite, only catering for exceptional athletes. And even going back just 5 years, there used to be no my lifestyle programme, Coach and Volunteer Academy or Social League offer, in fact the only sporting provision for students was a competitive IMS or an even more competitive Athletic Union.

But over that time, sport at Loughborough has changed immeasurably. Our winner tonight saw the compelling need amongst students for a wider sport offer, secured the funding for a research project to highlight it and then pushed student views to the University and external funding bodies in order to make a difference.

A few years on and it’s clear to say that he has revolutionised student sport at Loughborough, and has been the catalyst for the excellent relationship between the SDC and the Students’ Union which is sometimes taken for granted, but took a lot of work in the process. The opening of a fully integrated student sport office, which he oversaw, is evidence of this and is one of the most unique working environments for staff and students within HE in the UK.

This individual has the most fantastic belief in students, he is their biggest advocate and is constantly trying to empower and develop them through all he does. He has been an incredible source of support and mentorship to myself and many Athletic Union Presidents before me. As an example, and he may not know this, but the knowledge and advise he was giving me, was probably the primary reason I reran for a second term.

Alongside all this, he was a huge driver in the Sport Park concept, built an exceptional relationship with so many governing bodies including the Youth Sport Trust, has been instrumental in developing the Zambia ideals project, and he has showcased his exceptional passion for getting young people involved in order to secure the future of sport for forthcoming generations.

For the impact he has had on the sporting experiences of countless students at Loughborough, it is a great pleasure to announce the winner of the Lifetime achievement award as Tim Garfield.


Hall of the Year

Harry French 

Here at Loughborough halls are the driving force for a lot of a lot of things we do. They strive all year, taking part in numerous competitions to attain this trophy.


Sir David Wallace Trophy

Hannah Keating


The Sir David Wallace is awarded to one of our 12 winners for the person who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in ways never expected. Previous winners Charlie Dale and Matt Peat were not only amazing volunteers but have helped shape experiences for 100s of students through Play With Pride, Soundclash and other things they have been a part of.

The panel were split on two outstanding candidates for the Sir David Wallace but either of these two ladies would be worthy winners. The person who has won this award is quite simply one of the best people to walk through this university. They hold everything that we value in our students here at Loughborough. If You walk around campus and you will see the effect of something they helped bring to the university. You can find lots of boys and girls in a Lboro Can Top. This is Something that stemmed from a Telford Girls Campaign this special woman started. Usually exec elect are not nominated for these awards but exceptions are made for exceptional people. Something this person definitely is. Words cannot describe the impact of this incredible young woman.