Loughborough Experience Awards 2016

The LEAs currently consist of twelve inidividual awards, a Staff Member of the Year Award, Warden Team Member of the Year Award and the Dame Shirley Pearce Team of the Year Award. There is also the Sir David Wallace trophy- all twelve individual LEA winners are eligible for this award which is presented to the student most recognised for their exceptional contribution to the Loughborough Experience. 

2016 Loughborough Experience Award Winners

"This year we have had a record number of nominations, with over 450 submitted for an LEA and therefore, as you can imagine, it was an incredibly difficult task choosing the winners. However, whether you win an award or not you should all be extremely proud to be nominated and further still shortlisted to this evening. This is testament to the positive difference you have made to someone's University experience whilst being here at Loughborough."  - Jess Excell

Individual Winners

Charlie Dale

"The winner of this Loughborough Experience Award received more nominations than anyone else, flooding in from both students and staff members as they have shown an unwavering commitment to helping develop the Loughborough Experience. They have been involved in a number of different sections often taking on huge amounts of responsibilities and striving to make it the best is possibly can be. This person has been described as an absolute inspiration and an incredible ambassador for the university.

In their time here at Loughborough they have been an Action rep for their Hall, an Action Project Leader, raised thousands of pounds for Rag from trekking to Peru, and recently have been recognised for all their brilliant achievements within Welfare and Diversity being awarded ‘Outstanding Contribution to Welfare and Diversity’.

The winner of this Loughborough Experience Award is someone who is well known amongst students as an enthusiastic, friendly and outgoing individual and she truly lights up the room."


Paul Johnston

"The next winner to collect a Loughborough Experience Award is someone who has dedicated a vast amount of time into one section in particular.

This person has been described as the driving force behind the experience of literally thousands of students, as well as being a friendly figure across campus, but more than anywhere else – in the media centre. This person has been on Media Senate, Media committees and has picked up numerous awards within the section as recognition for their dedication to media and the positive impact they have made.

This individual has also taken a supportive role behind the scenes on many events and projects and has led teams of media volunteers on nights out at the Union, as well as large scale projects such as the Executive Elections. Reliable, passionate and motivated are just three words to describe this individual."


Martin So

"For the next award, the winner is somebody who has worked tirelessly in the Union since coming to Loughborough, whilst juggling a time consuming degree.

This individual received lots of nominations, from students from all walks of life, showing the effect that their contribution and support has had on many Loughborough experiences across the campus.

This individual embodies so much of what LSU stands for – working hard as an individual, but working harder to help others develop their skills which they have done through revolutionising a section of HSF to ensure that reps receive recognition for their effort in Halls. They have assisted countless events, designing art work and posters, but have also hosted their own events to celebrate the work of others.

It is difficult to find words to describe this person and their successes, but a few terms used in the nominations were; kind, a main point of contact, design guru, heroic, inspirational, and last but not least – just an all round great guy!"


Katie Wilson

"This Loughborough Experience Award goes to an individual who is multi-talented and has achieved outstanding things this year.

This individual is a team player and their warming nature has helped their committee go from strength to strength. Their infectious passion and desire has motivated their team to create outstanding content, but has also inspired new volunteers to get involved with the section.

Their passion also led them to be the force behind one of the biggest events this year, an event that Loughborough has never seen before. They ensured they had a strong team behind them, which they led with a calm and friendly demeanour, but at times, they steered the direction on their own. With 150 delegates from around the country attending, this individual worked hours and hours to make the event a success and indeed, it was."


Chris Briggs

"The next individual was described as ‘a legend’ within the Union, for their longstanding commitment and passion for one particular section.

Whilst balancing their other commitments, they never fail to help others, sharing their valuable knowledge from 4 years of experience, dedicating time to help solve issues within the section and supporting others to achieve their targets.

They have been a friendly face to all of the Executive for many years now, and many have reported that it’s been an ‘honour’ to work with this person.

A very calm and composed individual, they are a true role model for the Union. He has helped thousands of students find their home away from home."


Tom Allitt

"The winner of this Loughborough Experience Award is someone who is well known amongst students as an enthusiastic, friendly and outgoing individual.

This person has been a key figure within their Hall – taking part in Action, Rag and IMS, being on the Hall Committee, and then leading as Hall Chair, which they did with confidence and ease – and is a renowned figure within Loughborough Students Rag having raised thousands of pounds for Breast Cancer Now from two marathons, recruiting nearly 100 students for the London to Paris Bike Ride in their position as Team Leader and holding a position of responsibility on the Rag Committee.

This individual was described as ‘a constant happy face’ and their commitment over their time at Loughborough makes them an incredibly worthy winner."


Jordan Dawson

"The winner of this Loughborough Experience Award has bettered the Academic experience of hundreds of students and positively contributed to the lives of students, current and future.

Their involvement in Student Voice and within Academic Representation is outstanding; so much so one nomination said ‘I don’t know how this individual has time to complete their research at the same time’.

They are an extremely dedicated Programme President, and made numerous achievements this year including hosting the first ever PGR Awards Ceremony, been a key member of the PGR Working Group and has been instrumental creating links between Loughborough and the Loughborough London campus.

‘They may not have done the most Action hours or collected the most for Rag, but he has changed the Loughborough experience more than anyone I have ever known in my time here.’"


Jamie Colvin

"This Loughborough Experience Award goes to an individual described as ‘dedicated, selfless and humble’.

Taking a position of responsibility is difficult, but this person has done it with absolute ease, leading a team of people whom he had never met, from completely different sides of the World, and supporting them throughout their intensive Masters courses to put on events and activities so that every student can have a true Loughborough experience.

As a result, his committee trust him, the students admire him and the staff respect him. He has become a true advocate for Loughborough Students Union and should be incredibly proud for the work he has done and for all he has achieved."


Andrew Stainthorpe

"The winner of this Loughborough Experience Award has been described as someone who has transformed the experience of so many students over their 3 years at University. This individual has not only thrown themselves into a huge number of sections, but also excelled in leadership positions across campus.

This person always puts others before themselves and has a warm-hearted and selfless personality.

Although it may become obvious who this individual is, it seems only right that I read out the full list of positions this person has held during their 3 years at Loughborough: Union Affairs Committee member; Action Committee Member; A Hall Chair; HSF Committee member."


Kushal Shah

"This Loughborough Experience Award goes to an extremely popular individual who has taken on many challenges in many different areas of University life.

This individual has been described as that one person who is always around for help and support when you need it, and as the type of person who leaves a lasting affect on everyone they meet. It’s also clear that this person is known for their humorous and witty personality, which seems to grip everyone who knows them.

This individual has been an active member within their Hall of Residence and as a result of their efforts as AAIR rep, took their Hall to the top of the AAIR league table. He has also been hugely influential within the Unions democratic processes being a member of Union Affairs Committee for two years, Chair of Elections Committee and a vocal individual in Student Forum."


Sarah Cockshott

"The next winner has been described as having a ‘thirst to be involved in everything at LSU’.

This person has a clear passion for Loughborough, but their modesty is a trait that shines through in everything they do, making them a highly respected and liked individual amongst both students and staff.

They have become a renowned figure within Loughborough Sport over the past few years, being a Club Chair and a member of the AU Executive, and have taken on responsibilities within the LSU Marketing office where they have absolutely thrived.

It is the complete dedication of this individual that has made them worthy of winning tonight’s award."


Ashlea Prescot

"The next winner of a Loughborough Experience Award is someone who has made a significant contribution to LSU and is an asset to the University.

As a member of the Board of Trustees and Student Forum, this student works hard to be the voice for the students within their section, the AU.

Within this section, this person has been invaluable, dedicating hours to support the staff, help run events and activities, and guide the Club Chairs during difficult times. As the Chair of an AU Club for two years, this individual knows how to lead a team to success and is a role model for women in sport. This individual is the ethos of Loughborough Sport and described as ‘a true champion of the African Violet’."


Staff Member of the Year

Chris Moore

"The winning individual has been an ‘absolute gem’ this year. Their bubbly personality is infectious and the nominations they received stated how much fun this individual is to work with. With a permanent smile on their face, this individual works tirelessly to create a warm and welcoming environment where students can be happy and develop new skills. At Loughborough Students' Union, it is so important that students are at the heart of everything and this individual ensures that is the case. They give advice and offer support whenever necessary, they jump at the opportunity for a new challenge and all this as a brand new member of staff this year and whilst his line manager was away for 6 months on maternity leave. Described as ‘a bunch of sass’, the winner of the Staff Member of the Year award is …"


Dame Shirley Pearce Team of the Year Award

This was by far the toughest award to decide and with some fantastic nominations, the panel had to debate for a while. Therefore the panel agreed that a Highly Commended was necessary due to the sheer quality of the Teams that were nominated.

Highly Commended:

SPANC Core Team 

"So, the Highly Commended Team of the year goes to an enthusiastic and passionate group of people, who worked together excellently and devoted their time to planning and hosting an incredible event.

They have been described as extremely hard working, professional and inspirational with the work that they do, and their work hosting a National Conference has no doubt enhanced the reputation of Loughborough as a whole.

Whilst they are not a huge team, the panel felt that their efforts could not go unnoticed."


Union Affairs Committee

"This team has affected thousands of students on campus, though often works behind the scenes to do so. Often making difficult decisions, this team are not afraid to challenge one another and spark healthy debate, whilst still maintaining the utmost professionalism and diligence.

They encourage each other and respect one another, and whilst they do not meet as often as others Committees, their friendship is clear to see.

They are integral to Loughborough Students' Union, and although its ‘not the most glamourous committee, it’s definitely one of the most important."


Warden of the Year

Ruth Casey

"The winning Warden Team member is someone who has been described as a ‘star’.

Being a Warden or Subwarden is undoubtedly an incredibly tough job, but this individual has ploughed onwards through many challenging situations this year and has dealt with issues with care, love and professionalism. Despite this, they have remained upbeat, positive and always wearing a smile. A constant face around the Hall, this individual looks out for every student and ALWAYS has time to have a chat; showing their great heart and kindness.

To end, a quote from one of the nominations: ‘When I struggled with work, she was there. When I felt down and homesick, she was there. When I needed to laugh, she was there. She has made my Loughborough experience’. Considering it is her first year as a Warden, this is astounding and I look forward to seeing what more she can achieve."


Lifetime Achievement Award

Professor Morag Bell, Pro Vice Chancellor of Teaching

"As VP Education this year, I have had the delight of working with this person for the year and I am quite honoured to stand here and speak about some of the things they do. They have played a pivotal role in enhancing the academic experience of so many students over the years. Just a few of the things we would like to recognise them for are: supporting the introduction of Programme Presidents, recognising and inspiring the work of over 500 reps a year, listening, responding and acting on the 10 education priorities every year, and being an advocate for Peer Support and Loughborough Students' Union as a whole.

It is true to say that without this individuals warm, welcoming approach with students and staff, and their leadership and determination, we would not be in a position now where students feel empowered to enhance their education. This individuals legacy will go on for year, and I truly feel privileged to present the Lifetime Achievement Award."


Sir David Wallace Trophy

Charlie Dale

"Whilst we were choosing our LEA winners, there was one individual that really stood out as making a positive impact on the Loughborough Experience to so many students & staff.

They have been an unbelievable asset to the students' union and university for number of years and have been described as ‘selflessly devoting themselves throughout their entire time here’.

This individual is at the core of Loughborough Students' Union and is loved by students and staff alike for their positive outlook on life, courageous spirit, and beautifully caring nature.

It is honestly difficult to find words that justify when describing this person and their successes. However, I can say they really have put their heart and soul into Loughborough and have affected the lives of thousands of students here.

It is with great pleasure to award the Sir David Wallace Trophy to an inspirational student and a true Loughborough Leader."