Staff Awards
Extra Mile Award
This award is for a member of staff that really goes that extra mile to make your academic experience and overall student experience enhanced whilst at Loughborough. They might be extremely helpful and supportive in dealing with questions or concerns from students, both within and outside of teaching sessions. They might have a huge part to play in at delivering outcomes that improve the student experience. It could also be given to someone behind the scenes that facilitates processes that have an invaluable impact of the lives of students. Example winners could include a PHD support student, a personal tutor, someone in Student Services, an academic librarian, administrative staff or technical staff.
Champion of Peer Support
This is an award to recognise a member of staff for their efforts in championing and implementing Peer Support in their School/Department/Programme. They have embraced the student led schemes so much so that their enthusiasm has assisted promoting the scheme and encouraging students to get involved. In addition they have championed the schemes to colleagues, communicating with other members of staff and helping to ensure they run successfully.
Champion of Student Representation
This lecturer/member of staff has shown a great deal of enthusiasm for enhancing the student experience and has demonstrated their commitment to this by consistently listening and engaging with the student voice and encouraging and supporting representatives to make real positive changes for students. They have gone above and beyond what is expected in terms of listening and acting upon student feedback and implement changes no matter how big or small.
Excellence in Teaching Award
This award will recognise a member of academic staff who contributes tremendously towards the education experience at Loughborough University and takes pride in their learning and teaching. The nominees for the award must have presented themselves with commitment and support towards the development of academic excellence. They will have shown innovation in their teaching, research informed teaching, commitment to their students, but also commitment to the Loughborough Experience.
Digital Innovation in Teaching Award
This is an award to recognise a member of staff who has excelled in their use of technology within their teaching, in a way which has heightened your experience as a student. A potential nomination for this award should be able to showcase the way in which this person has used digital methods of learning, as well as highlighting the innovation within their teaching, and the effect that this has had within their student experience. Digital innovation is an area where Loughborough truly excels, and this should be a person who reflects the pride which we have in our commitment to technology-influenced teaching.
Department Committees
Department of the Year
This award recognised the Department committee that has excelled in a wide range of areas to better the University experience for all students within their department. Each section is now scored and points are collected to contribute towards the Department of the year document, providing an objective measure on which Department on campus is truly the best. You cannot nominate for this award.
Department Chair of the Year
This award is to recognise a passionate, committed and enthusiastic individual who has been a great leader to their Department’s committee. They must be a voice for their Department, create links with students, staff and stakeholders, as well as creating a cohesive environment in which their Department committee has been able to excel.
Department Committee Member of the Year X3
This award recognises an individual from a Department committee who has stood out and been an amazing asset to their team and their Department as a whole. This individual is likely to have supported all areas of Department life with the students’ interests at the forefront of what they do.
Department Committee Event of the Year
This award aims to recognise a Department that is innovative and creative. Department events are not always about following the norm or protocol, as sometimes need to involve thinking outside of the box, and putting on events that will truly impact, engage or educate the students within their Department. This award is to celebrate a Department that has arranged a non-compulsory event that matches all of these criteria.
Peer Support
Peer Mentor of the Year
This award will recognise an exceptional Peer Mentor will have dedicated themselves to the role and had a positive impact on their mentees experience as a first year, foundation or Erasmus or International Exchange student at Loughborough University. This award will recognise their dedication to the role.
PAL Facilitator of the Year
The PAL Facilitator of the Year will have facilitated a study group through their module, and encouraged independent learning and problem solving. They will have been completely dedicated to their role, prepared well for each session, led engaging and helpful discussions and activities as well as building a strong partnership with the staff within their department. This award recognises the PAL Facilitator that has gone above and beyond in their role.
Student Co-Ordinator of the Year
The Student Coordinator of the year will have led their team of Mentors with commitment, enthusiasm and creativity. They have been diligent in ensuring the Mentors are kept informed, updated and involved in supporting students in their area. They will have actively sought out ways in which to engage the stakeholders in the scheme – be that Mentees, Mentors, or departmental staff and worked to contribute to a strong learning community.
Student Representation
Rep of the Year
Someone who has gone above and beyond in their role as a Course Rep or PGR Rep ensuring their voices are heard in the University and represented on the Student-Staff Liaison Committee. They have endeavoured to raise both positive and negative comments from their peers and successfully feedback on the changes that they have helped implement in their Department/School.
School President of the Year
This School President would have committed themselves fully to academic representation and not only led but worked well with their team of Reps. They will have considered different ways of collecting feedback and ways to engage the disengaged. In addition, this School President has supported the work of the Education EO, communicated with Student Voice and they may have been student representatives on University working groups/committees.
Your Education Team of the Year
This award recognises an exceptional team within the Education section. They will have worked together well to further their cause, whether this be representation, peer support or advice. They will have demonstrated their dedication and passion towards the section, and be exceptional ambassadors for not only the Education section, but also Loughborough Students’ Union.
Outstanding Impact Award
This award will be received by a person who, throughout their time at Loughborough, has given an outstanding contribution to Your Education. Their passion for education is recognised by both those in the Students’ Union and University and they will leave a legacy. This could be one single event that has had significant impact, or a long running dedication to the academic student experience.