Mitigating Circumstances

Mitigating Circumstances

Please consult the University guidance here and this guide that we have put together.

What are mitigating circumstances?

'Mitigating circumstances' is a term used to describe situations where a student hasn’t been able to prepare for or perform to the best of their ability in academic assessments. Mitigating circumstance claims are available “to support students who experience genuine, exceptional and serious problems or events that can affect your performance in assessments” and is a way of making the university aware of your situation so that they can support you and take your situation into account when assessing your work.

Situations that might consitute grounds for a claim could include;

  • A serious or significant medical condition or illness.
  • A disability which the University was not aware of or which the University is not properly providing additional support for.
  • Exceptional personal circumstances; this includes situations such as serious illness, death of an immediate family member or close friend, or being a victim of crime.
  • Exceptional travel circumstances beyond your control which prevented you from attending an exam or other assessment.

Guidance on group claims

In the first instance we would suggest that you speak to your School or Department's administration team and let them know that a group of students are looking to make a claim for the same set of circumstances. We would also advise that you familiarise yourself with the University guidance provided here.

What are the likely outcomes of a Mitigating Circumstances claim?

  1. Your claim may be rejected if the board believe you do not have appropriate grounds or enough evidence.
  2. If your claim is accepted you may be given the opportunity to resit your exams / assessments uncapped.
  3. In exceptional circumstances, the board may recommend a minor increase to your component marks (normally between 1-5% depending on severity and extent of impairment).

Every case is different and considered on an individual basis. Therefore, we cannout speculate on or guarantee an outcome.

How we can help

We will have a consultation with you via email, the phone or in person to discuss your personal circumstances. After this, we will be able to help you establish what should be included within your claim and what evidence is likely to be necessary

  • Sometimes talking about your situation can make things clearer especially in stressful circumstances.
  • We may also pick up on things you might have missed which are relevant to your claim.

We can also read a draft of your claim and make suggestions to strengthen the explanation and clarity of your claim. During this, we will also check that you are aware of all the possible evidence that you may consider submitting.

  • Before filling out a claim please read the more detailed guidelines produced by the University.
  • If you would like us to read a draft of your claim, please send this to us as a word document to so we can advise you further.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing or phoning 01509 635072 between 10am-4pm Monday to Friday.