PGR Representation

PGR Representation

How it works:

Postgraduate Research Representation (PGR) is organised in partnership with Loughborough Students Union, Loughborough University and Loughborough University London. Your Postgraduate Executive officer, Kamaldeen Ibrahim will be working alongside the PGR President, Vice President, PGR Lead Reps and PGR Reps to ensure that researcher's views and feedback are represented and that the postgraduate experience is as strong as it can be!

Each school has at least one formally recognised Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) where Researchers and Staff can meet for discussion and consultation about the students' research degree programmes and other matters relevant to the quality of student's academic experience as postgraduate researchers.

If you have feedback relating to your research please contact

For full information on the process read the PGR SSLC Code of Practice outlined in the Quality Procedures Handbook at the University.

get involved:

PGR Representation Elections will next take place at the start of the 2019-20 academic year.

As a PGR Rep:
PGR Reps are elected by the research groups and/or research degree programmes which they stand to represent on an annual basis in the autumn. PGR Researchers will be informed about the process for this within their Schools. LSU will announce elected PGR Reps in week 6. If you have not received information about your schools process for PGR Rep Elections by week 2 of the academic year and wish to get involved please email

Read the full PGR Rep role descriptor here.

As a PGR Lead Rep:

As well as attending the SSLCs with PGR Reps, PGR Lead Reps also attend central meetings with the PGR President and Vice President and other Lead Reps from across the University to offer feedback on their research degree programmes and experiences as doctoral researchers at an institutional level.

If you have been a Rep for at least 6 months you will be eligible to apply to be a PGR Lead Rep. It is a great opportunity to become part of a highly influential team of lead reps, enhance your CV, extend your professional network and be at the forefront of change at the university.

Read the full PGR Rep role descriptor here.

*These positions are also open to Loughborough University London Students*