Academic Representation


Representation at Loughborough and Loughborough London ensures that you are getting the very best academic experience and gives students the power to initiate change on campus. LSU works in partnership with the university to ensure that Representation is working effectively for students and that they are supported within their roles. Your Education EO and Postgraduate EO work to ensure all students academic interests are represented at Loughborough.

The Student's union leads a network of over 500 academic reps focussed on the academic interests of students. Our academic reps (Course Reps/PGR Reps) operate at undergraduate, post graduate taught (PGT) and post graduate research (PGR) levels to ensure the voice of students and researchers is a poweful force for change.


"Representation gives students a powerful voice to influence the university and create effective change by raising student's feedback and course issues directly with Staff through their elected student leadership positions. Reps and Presidents are essential to ensuring loughbororugh students get best experience from their studies"  Hannah Barton, Education EO

'We're proud of our Representation system for Loughborough's Postgraduate Community. Our PGR President and PGR Vice President lead a team of PGR Reps who listen to the views of our Doctoral Researchers at our main campus and also within Loughborough London.'  Kamaldeen Ibrahim, Postgraduate EO



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