What is like to study at Loughborough

Hi everyone! I’m Aarushi and I’m the South Asian Nations Ambassador on the LSU International Committee. I’m from Dubai and am currently studying Graphic Communication and Illustration. Getting on the plane and leaving your hometown behind to embark on this new phase of life is a very exciting, overwhelming and emotional moment for every international student. However, my time at Loughborough has made it worth it, and I am eagerly looking forward to the next few years of studying here.

Being an Indian raised in the Middle East, my academic experience as an international student has been nothing but enriching. I appreciate the courses being interactive and not entirely theoretical with local and international study trips, written assignments, seminars, a variety of projects and regular feedback sessions that are either in a group or are one-to-one.

The library has a wide range of books which helped me learn so much more about my subjects outside of my lecture hours. The group study rooms made group projects a lot easier and studying for exams fun. Even the individual booths really helped when I wanted to be productive and away from halls. Papa Si (Loughborough’s real MVP), helped me get through the all-nighters at the 24 hour labs and study spaces with late night pizzas. Coming from a different curriculum of study, the support I received to cope up at university was immeasurable!

All in all, it’s no surprise we’re a top 5 UK University! However, coming to a small town like Loughborough, it was important for me to unwind after an intense day of academia on campus. I’m a member the Bhangra Society to learn a new skill and keep fit, serve as the Media and Communications Officer on the Welfare and Diversity Executive, got elected as the MUN Society President, am a member of the Ethical and Environmental Committee, worked as a Student Ambassador and was actively involved with the CVA and Peer Support.

Thus belonging to the heart warming #LboroFamily and having made it my home away from home, I hope you all make the best of your time at Loughborough, from meeting Charlie the cat and buying official uni stash, to enjoying the LSU nights, keeping on top of your academics and staying healthy and fit!

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