First day at Loughborough

So you’ve got a place at Loughborough and you’ve been given a given a move in date. First things first, Breathe! Halls is an experience like no other and honestly it will truly shape your Loughborough experience. Everyone is in the same boat as you and honestly there is no right or wrong way to do first year. Once you’ve packed your stuff and you arrive into the location of LE11 you will be greeted by some very enthusiastic volunteers who will help you move in, you’ll be introduced to your committee and then be given your student card and keys for your room. Top tips leave your door open and try and talk to everyone, if your parent or whoever is dropping you off is like mine they will do all the talking for you.

Once you’ve unpacked and been left to your own devices take a deep breath, pray or meditate if that’s your thing, this is your home for the year. Try and personalise your room. Fairy lights, pictures from home and blankets can make your room feel like a haven amidst all of the chaos that is fresher’s. The kitchen is where the magic happens and it’s the best place to meet your flatmates, over the year they’ll become your family. In the evening your fresher helpers will arrive and start pres with you before you go off to your first punch party. Obviously uni is a time to enjoy life and party, if drinking isn’t your thing don’t feel like you have to in order to fit in. In the long run people will like a person more for the person they are not the person they portray. Say hello to as many people as you can! Having friends in different blocks is so much fun and it helps to build the community spirit of your hall.

So I’ve given you all the usual advice of leaving your door open and talking to as many people as possible but the most important advice I will give is to stay true to who you are. If partying and clubbing isn’t your thing don’t freak out and worry there are thousands of other people like you in Loughborough and you will meet them. Remember why you have come to university and more importantly have fun, you’ve worked hard reward yourself and make sure you do what makes you happy.


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