My first day at Loughborough University – what to expect


Hey, my name is Ana and I’m from Romania. I am a second-year student in Banking, Finance and Management and I am part of the Faraday family, this year as a Fresher Helper. I thought I would mention both my course and hall just to give you a hint that you will get involved in these two aspects of university for sure, once you are accepted in our university.

I would like to welcome you to the #lborofamily. So much is going to change and this shouldn’t scare you off, because at our university you will have the best time of your life. On the right, you can see me before the Freshers’ Ball, so get excited. But let’s not go so far ahead and just start with the first day of university. I will tell you 5 things you should expect once you see the famous “Loughborough University” sign.


1. Friendly faces everywhere

Every single student struggles the first day around campus, as Loughborough University has one of the biggest higher education campuses in Europe. But don’t worry, we got it all covered for you. The first people you are going to interact with are the Fresher Helpers, who are students that live in your hall and volunteered to help you around. These students are ready to give you directions, help you with your luggage and give you tips. Don’t be shy and approach them for any questions. In the end, I was the student who asked their helper where I could buy beddings and a duvet.

2. No time to unpack

Basically, the only time you have to unpack is the induction day. I advise you to book a slot early in the morning. This day is so busy, as you have to move all you stuff in your hall, go grocery shopping and meet your flatmates. In the evening all the craziness begins and you don’t want to miss on the fun activities. A tip would be to get your family to help you. Most of the first years’ room are put together by their mums and there is no shame to that.

3. A lot of noise

Freshers’ Week is the most exciting part of first year. There are so many activities waiting for you, along with pre-drinks every single night, sing-off rehearsals and overall a lot of screaming from excitement. Of course, the consequence would be the noise all around campus, but Freshers’ week is not about sleeping. Engaging in activities will make you uni experience unforgettable, so forget about sitting in your room and go make some friends. If you are more of an introvert, you can totally have a chill night with your flatmates or enjoy the pizza nights.


4. Different accents/slang

Despite if you studied in an international school or not, you might find some difficulties understanding people the first days of university. You are in a foreign country and it is completely acceptable that you need to adjust to the different accents you are going to hear from now on. You will be fine soon, don’t beat yourself over it. For me personally, the most difficult part was getting the British slang. Even if you study English for a long time, nobody is going to teach you those specific words that only students use in the United Kingdom. So, get the urban dictionary on your phone and don’t fall behind.


5. There are more international students than you think

You might think that you are the only person at university who is from your country. Don’t hurry making conclusions. If you didn’t find anyone from your country in your hall or course just yet, wait until the Student Activities Bazaar. There are over 30 nation/culture/faith societies in our university and you can definitely find people that have a background more or less similar to yours. Don’t forget that international students have the same struggles, so don’t limit yourself to only people from your country.


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