Apply Yourself the final!

With over 28 applications and 21 presentation submitted, the Apply Yourself final was one of the toughest enterprising finals to be a part off. Only 11 ideas made it to the last, round where they had to deliver a live pitch!

This year’s Apply Yourself final was held in the unique Sky Room on the 24th floor of the Unite Building next to the Loughborough in London campus. The finalists took he stage to pitch their idea to four judges.

At 8.30 in the morning, the mini bus took all the students to the London Campus where they had a tour around the modern campus. After a delicious lunch, the students took the elevator to the 24th floor. The view of the Olympic park in the near distance was breath taking and many iPhones captured the view.

Each finalist had 5 minutes to present their idea for an App they would like to develop and then they faced 5 minutes of questions from the judges. Each presentation was thoroughly thought out and the finalists did their best to project all the aspects of their app. Although, 5 minutes can be a long time when presenting, finalist had to word their pitches effectively to ensure that the judges understood the longevity and originality of their app idea.

After a full afternoon of pitching and questions from the judges the finalists were taken back to London Campus, where they attended a talk by Laurence Kemball Cook (CEO of Pavegen). The talk was about Laurence’s story as an entrepreneur during and after his time at Loughborough University. After the talk, the judges announced a winner. This was, a tough task but none the less there was one stand out candidate.

The runners up of the event were Do Gather! And app idea by Jean Callavera and Leander Quitman two students from London Campus and Muto which was an idea by a Loughborough campus student Ashley Goncalves. The winner of the Apply Yourself competition 2017 was Tiger Time an app, which was created by John Valadas-Cartucho. John’s idea was so clearly thought out and his presentation was very professional.

At 8.30pm the finalists finally arrive home in Loughborough after a hard day’s work. Each finalist put in a commendable effort and should feel fulfilled in what they achieved during the day.

We would like to congratulate everyone who entered the competition, there were some truly amazing ideas and we look forwarding to downloading some of them in the future.

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