Your Postgrad E.O.'s 1st term summary

LSU’s first term with a full time Postgraduate Officer kicked off with a rush; George attended over a dozen inductions for PGT students, speaking to over 800 students in the space of a few short days. He also attended several PGR inductions, including the Graduate School’s first induction for the academic year – speaking to over 250 PGRs.

More Postgraduate attended our Student Sport Bazaar and Student Activities Bazaar than ever before, with numbers of postgraduates engaging with our section information evenings more than doubling since last year!

Our first postgraduate-only social event, LSU Welcome Social, was a massive success. Over 150 postgraduates came for a night of table tennis, bowling, cheap drink offers and loads more; everyone had a brilliant time and it was fantastic to see so many postgraduates coming to the Union!

Since that first event, George Hones has developed our social offering and now runs regular 'PGIF - Postgrads, It's Friday', with over 160 postgraduates coming to the last two of the term.

George also oversaw the successful recruitment of a postgraduate-only University Challenge team to represent Loughborough – good luck to the team!

LSU hosted our first ever Your Education Week Postgraduate Conference – a career focused event covering a variety of topics. We had 8 speakers, including University staff, Union staff, and postgraduate Alumnus of Loughborough. Thank you to all those who attended!

Our final celebration of the year came on the final day of term. George organised a highly successful Postgraduate Festive Friday, with a festive party in Graduate House during the day and a Christmas themed PGIF in the evening. We had around 100 attendees throughout the day, who all enjoyed some bingo, a raffle, Christmas food and games and plenty of festive music!

Thank you to all those who attended our events and got involved with LSU over the past term. George is busy making sure this term is bigger and better for every postgraduate in Loughborough and beyond.’