Your Education EO, Anna Holt, Launches Programme Rep Election Campaign

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This week LSU and Loughborough University have opened nominations for their Programme Rep Scheme. This great opportunity is open to Undergraduate and Post Graduate Taught students across the campus.

‘Becoming a Programme Rep was one of the best decisions I ever made at university! It opened up a number of opportunities for me, allowing me to get to where I am now. Progressing from a Programme Rep, to Programme President and now Education E.O. has helped me develop several skills and introduced me to a lot of great people’ Anna Holt, Education EO.

The role provides a vital link to ensure student’s views are heard. Programme Reps attend several department Student Staff Liaison Committee meetings (SSLC’s) throughout the year, to offer feedback about what student’s think about their course and work with departments to resolve issues.

Each year 450+ Programme Reps are elected with the potential to be one of the most influential groups on the campus.

‘We really recommend that you take advantage of this great opportunity, get involved and become Programme Reps; become part of the ‘Your Education’ family, and enhance your CV whilst being at the forefront of student led change’ Nicky Conway, Head of Student Voice at LSU.

Sounds great! How do I become a Rep?

All Programme Reps are elected by their fellow students on their course.

But first, to become a Rep, you need to nominate yourself here! You’ll need to nominate yourself before the deadline of 5pm, Wednesday 11th October.

[Nominations are open between the 2nd and 11th October]

You then need to encourage your fellow students to vote for you when elections begin on the 13th!

You will receive full training in the role delivered by LSU. If you have any questions about the role email Anna Holt, Education EO LSU.


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