What Does us leaving the NUS mean?

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What does it us leaving NUS Mean?

Last summer after attending NUS’s national conference some students felt that the organization failed to properly represent Loughborough students and as a result proposed a referendum to consider our affiliation to the NUS which ended with us voting to leave. This was confirmed by the Union’s Trustees.

While we voted to leave in last June, this only came into effect at the end of the year, December 31st; which begs the question “What does this mean?”. 

By us disaffiliating it means LSU is not a member of NUS and will have no access to their resources, support, conferences, reports and research, advice, support unit and commercial trading group. We can still align ourselves with any issue we feel is important and is applicable to our students and we can also take an independent stance if that is what our students want. 

For you as a student you are still currently able to buy a 3 year NUS Extra card but past December 31st we no longer get a commission on the cards sold. We are looking at new discount card arrangements through developing Loughborough Loyalty and Platinum.  

One thing that NUS are experts in is networking and training for Exec officers and liberation leaders. There is a risk that we will get out of touch with the latest thinking and best practice in students’ unions.  We therefore plan to make an active effort to interact with other unions, the exec will still be a part of the email group and be able to contact other sabbatical officers if any help is needed as well as using other student organisations that we are still a part of e.g. National Student T.V. association, BUCS, student volunteering academy etc. 
We are still looking at long term solutions for training aimed at our liberation leaders, possibly looking at local charities and other liberation groups. The welfare section has been given extra funding to help this transitional period. 

Commercially we have now agreed new deals with suppliers to our shops and bars with generally positive results. In most cases suppliers have matched our current prices in a few we have improved on the NUS deals. One area that we are still working on is a new arrangement with the CO-OP to supply the Union shops as part of a direct franchise, the current deal is through NUS. There may be some short term disruption as we move from one arrangement to another but we are confident this will be manageable and in the long term the arrangements will work well.

We have been in contact with other unions that have, either previously or about to disaffiliate on a range of issues including joining up to support each other on any of the issues that may arise as part of leaving the NUS. 

Whatever your views on our affiliating to NUS you can be sure that Loughborough will still be a great students’ unions and the driving force behind the UK’s best student experience!

If you have any questions regarding our disaffiliation, please e-mail union@lsu.co.uk.


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