The Voice of Loughborough

Across the last few months, some incredible things have been achieved by Loughborough Students’ Union.  Through the results that we get from the NSS, the Your Education Week survey, as well as the feedback that is given to Programme Reps day in, day out, we are able to identify the areas of your academic experience that need improving, and we work on these accordingly.  A few highlights of these achievements would be:

·         Creating the “Loughborough University Feedback Principles”, a document which will increase the quality of feedback that you receive on your coursework across the University.

·         Putting together a “Student Placement Charter” to guarantee what students will receive from the University, Students’ Union and their host organisation on their year in industry.

·         Helping to change the Impaired Performance guidelines for students to make sure that those who need support can get it as easily as possible.

We aim to improve your academic experience as best we can, and we hope that through solutions such as these, we can make sure that your time at Loughborough is great as it can possibly be!