Team Talk Campaign Launch

Everyone has good days and bad days. One bad day doesn't mean you have a mental illness, but you can still improve your mental health. We want to make mental health a topic everyone within Loughborough AU feels comfortable talking about. As athletes, we’re put under a lot of pressure and stress can sometimes seem very overwhelming when facing it alone. Mental health is a very relevant topic in today’s world and we conducted a survey to assess if it was an issue within our Loughborough AU athletes too. Within our survey of 600 of our student athletes, we found that 1 in 4 think Mental Health is a weakness, which may not seem too surprising being in a sporting environment. However, over 50% think is to do with just being over ‘emotional’, under 20% believed it to be normal and over 50% associated mental health with loneliness. We don’t want our athletes to suffer alone and want to create a culture of openness and support. So we have created Team Talk!

Team talk is a new AU mental health in sport campaign and will be providing information, videos and support for ALL about how to better their own mental health and how to support team mates around you. We want to start conversations about mental health and by making it something that is constantly visible within the AU, this includes our ‘I support Team Talk’ wristbands and t-shirts. The overall societal stigma surrounding mental health is something that we need to begin to break down as mental illnesses are a lot more common than many people think, 1 in 4 people in the UK will be affected in any given year. Often the demands and pressure placed on athletes can seem very intense and act as a catalyst for a mental health issue.

We have to cope with injuries, the constant pressure to perform, whilst also balancing out academic study. This is a completely unique type of stress that needs to be addressed and as something we all face, must be talked about!

Don’t suffer alone.