LSU launches new strategic plan process

We have recently appointed Redbrick Research to help us develop our thinking on a new strategic plan with the lofty ambition of our becoming the best SU in the world for Loughborough Students. Redbrick were in the Union for much of last week talking to staff, students and other stakeholders.

We have initially asked a representative sample of both groups to participate in workshops which took place last week. In the case of students, based on Tribes and other criteria like level of participation and year of study. In the case of staff, we have taken a cross section across departments and type and level of job.

The purpose of these workshops is to start to develop and test ideas and options for the future of the union. These will be developed, and by a further workshop with executive and other members of the planning project team with the aim to produce some options to be discussed by students and a wide range of our stakeholders, throughout the University and in wider community including by a major survey in January. We will make sure that everyone has a good opportunity to give us their views and react to ideas put forward and being considered. We have also run a workshop with managers that produced some interesting perspectives.

We are very keen to hear from anyone with anything to say about how we should plan for the future.