LSU Statement: Hey Ewe Incident (31/01/18)

Published at 17:10, 01/02/2018

We are aware of a serious incident that occurred during Hey Ewe (Wednesday 31st January 2018) on entry to the Union Building and as senior staff of the Students' Union we would like to sincerely apologise to those affected.

Following a similar previous incident, a detailed investigation took place and changes to our entry arrangements and opening procedures were made. These procedures will be reviewed, and all necessary changes will be made.

For FND tomorrow evening (Friday 2nd February 2018), there will be more entry points to the building, new timed pre-entry tickets will be made available and there will be an increased security and police presence.

The safety and welfare of our members continues to be our number one priority and a detailed investigation led by the Students’ Union, with the support from the University, is underway.

Andy Meakin & Paul Barlow
Acting Union Directors