Spit Happened

Loughborough University Students turned out in force on Wednesday 15th March to sign up to the Antony Nolan register. 2056 students registered across 10 “pods” around campus as part of the Spit Happens campaign in the hope of finding stem cell matches for people around the world with blood cancer.

For many of these desperately ill individuals, a stem cell (bone marrow) transplant is their only hope of survival. Unfortunately, there are simply not enough donors on the Anthony Nolan register; half of the individuals searching for a matching donor will never find one - A statistic that everyone here at LSU simply would not accept!

So, from 8am and armed with our army of volunteers we set out to get as many people signed up as possible over the course of 12 hours. Over 400 student volunteers and 60 university staff worked tirelessly to ensure the event was a success. We broke through the 1000 barrier in just 5 hours and smashed the existing UK Universities record for “most Anthony Nolan sign ups in a day” (1400) before 5pm. By the end of the day the total number of sign ups exceeded 2000 people.



Breaking records is all well and good but when it comes down to it, this event is expected to save lives. Best estimates indicate that this could generate between 10 and 30 matches for people desperately in need of a transplant who would face a certain death otherwise. The work of all of the staff, volunteers and people who put themselves forward to join the Stem Cell register and potentially save the life of a stranger is an amazing demonstration of just how special the Loughborough family really is!

If you missed out and still want to get involved then further information on joining the register is available on the Anthony Nolan website