Societies Winter Showcase

Tuesday 6th December was the Society Section's annual winter showcase, in which we had societies both performing and presenting at stalls, both showing what Festivities meant to them and advertising their societies and what they do.

The theme of the showcase this year was the Societies Express, so we had a railroad progressing through Piazza, snaking past the stalls that had been set up for the eighteen different societies that had chosen to take part in the Christmas Market section of the Showcase. We had societies such as the German Language Society, LSU Marrow, and the newly created Feminism Society, advertising their societies and discussing what the festive period means to them. Before the performers began, LSU Classical were set up in the piazza and performed various traditional Christmas tunes to welcome our guests, before Joe invited everyone to take their seats in Room One, ready for the showcase to begin.

The showcase was kicked off by Rahul and Josh, Societies Events Co-ordinators, thanking everyone for coming along and introducing the first act of the evening, Rawkus Street Dance. Before each act, a different member of the Societies Exec team spoke about what the Holidays meant to them and then introduced the next act. In the interval, the Christian Union performed several Christmas Carols in the piazza while the second act of the evening was being prepared. Some highlights of the evening's performances were LSU Sing, Fever and Bhangra Society, who were joined by the entirety of the Societies Exec Team at the end of their performance and kindly taught the Societies Exec Team some simple Bhangra dance moves.

All in all, the Showcase progressed smoothly and was an enormous success for the Societies Section. A huge thank you goes out to all of the societies that took part, especially the societies who were part of the Christmas Market, as this was the first time the market had been implemented as part of the Showcase.