Returners' FND Provisional Report

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Following an inccident at Returners' FND on Friday 6th October 2017, the LSU Trustees have approved the provisional report on the incident, subject to further significant evidence being put forward.

At their meeting on October 31st the Board of Trustees reviewed the report on the incidents at Returners' FND where crowd and queuing issues resulted in a frightening situation, where some student were injured as the result of a queue surge in the crowd outside Loughborough Students' Union.

The LSU and the University commissioned a full enquiry and report from:-

  • Mr Andy Parsons – Union Director
  • Mr Neil Budworth – Loughborough University Health Safety and Risk Manager.
  • Mr Geoff Feavyour – Loughborough University Head of Security

The enquiry looked at video footage and other evidence to produce this interim report and anyone who has anything significant to add is invited to email

The main recommendation to prevent the problem happening again, is to ensure that future “sell out” events should be ticketed to prevent crowds overflowing the structured queue.


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