Postgraduate EO Elections

With all of the commotion surrounding this year’s Executive Elections, you may have noticed that the position of Postgraduate Executive Officer was not being elected. This is because LSU runs a separate election later on in the academic year, dedicated solely to the PG EO position.

This is so that we can ensure the election is given appropriate advertising and attention whilst it is running, and also serves to convenience the postgraduate population far more than the traditional Executive Election format. The election will be run in May, and will consist of 3 days of campaigning and 2 days of voting. The reason that the elections are shorter is because we recognise that postgraduate programmes can be very demanding, and we believe ten days of campaigning is excessive for somebody completing a Masters or conducting their own research.

The election will focus more on manifesto and the candidates’ suitability for the role, though candidates are still entitled to campaign with a theme and with a costume. The London campus will also be incorporated into this election, in line with its status as a postgraduate-only campus.

If you are interested in running, please contact current PG EO George Hones at If you are interested in running and are a Research student here, please get in touch as there are many facets affecting eligibility.

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