Meet your new Postgraduate EO

With 327 valid votes cast - the Postgraduate Exec By-Election 2017 is over!

We would like to thank our 4 candidates (Harriet Stocker, Ian Mararo, Michael Hylton, Oreoluwa Adeola) alongside R.O.N for their efforts campaigning and promoting the needs of our Postgraduate students across campus.


Without further ado, we are delight to introduce your new Postgraduate Executive Officer for 2017-2018 - Ian Mararo

Ian was elected in the third round with 129 valid votes (122 votes were needed to meet the quota). 


When speaking to Ian earlier today, he said:

“First of all, I would like to say thank you to all who exercised their right to vote in the elections, it would not have been possible without you guys. Secondly, to my campaign team, those tireless hours campaigning has paid off, a massive thank you to you. 

To Oreoluwa, Harriet and Michael, it is your hard work that challenged me to work hard too, - something that made for a truly intense week.  To George Hones, you have set the bar quite high and you can be sure I will be working tirelessly to surpass it. 

Finally, I am indebted to the LSU for making this opportunity available and I am excited and looking forward to working with the Executive Committee in creating the best student experience.”

You can find Ian’s full manifesto here:

On behalf of everyone at LSU, we would like to thank everyone involved in our Postgraduate Exec By-Election and also to everyone who made their vote heard by casting their votes throughout last week.