Meet your new LSU Development Officers

The first set of Development Officer elections took place last week!

With two of our 3 Development Officer positions up for grabs, 4 students stated their intentions to run for the student roles and be part of next years LSU Exec Team!

The first role to be elected was that of the International D.O.  Salomé Doré was the uncontested candidate in this election and spoke passionately about her ideas for the continuation and improvement of the International Students’ Network (ISN) and what she can do to improve the lifestyle of international students within the bubble.

After some intense questioning and scrutiny from the Student Forum Voting Members, Salomé was elected to be your next International D.O.!

The Community Development Officer role was contested by 3 different students; Ellie Glock, Lizzie Beale and Ryan Stevens.

All three candidates delivered good speeches and expressed their ideas about what they can do to improve and involve the life of our ever-growing off campus community, but it was Miss Beale that caught the attention of the voting members. With her passionate speech, her concise nature and a wealth of ideas to take forward to the role, she raced in front when the votes were counted and was duly elected as the next LSU Community D.O.!

With only one position left on next years LSU Exec Team, the nominations for Ethical & Environmental Development Officer are open for this week only! Submit your nomination by Friday 5pm to stand to be the last piece of the Exec Puzzle! Go ahead and nominate!