LSU supports the NSS

Loughborough Students’ Union is again working this year to support the drive for finalists to complete the National Student Survey (NSS)

By getting the opinions of all final year students through the NSS data LSU has the opportunity to identify areas that need change and focus so we can positively influence the experience of all of our students.  By filling in the NSS current students also help future students decide what and where they may like to study.

Over the last few years results from Loughborough’s NSS has helped to:

  •          Increase in the speed feedback is returned to students
  •          Extend the opening hours of the library to accommodate the needs of students
  •          Expand the use of lecture capture across the University.

These changes originated from the successful Ten Education Priorities campaign led by Vice Presidents for Education over the last few years. The priorities have been heavily influenced by comments made by students completing the NSS. Without this data, it would be more difficult for LSU to push positive change for your academic experience and we would not be able to substantiate our claims around the needs of students in the same way.

While we know there is a campaign led by NUS regarding the NSS which is linked to ongoing political battles regarding fees, we feel the NSS is still crucial in helping us deliver what we want to achieve.  

The best way to change a system is to be part of it. This is why we’re pushing for our final year students to fill in the NSS.  It will help LSU fuel positive change over the next few years.