LSU Postgraduate Awards 2017

For any of the Executive Officers here at LSU, one of the most daunting experiences throughout our year in post is hosting an awards evening. Whilst we relish the chance to recognise and celebrate all the volunteers that make our jobs so wonderful, the amount of planning and strategy that goes into organising an evening like that is intense.

I’ve never organised something of this scale, and building from and expanding on the success of the smaller scale PGR Awards from last year’s PGR Programme President was always going to be a daunting task.

The gauntlet was set early on to organise a night that would do justice to the incredible postgraduate population of both Loughborough and our Loughborough in London Campus. Their achievements this year have been phenomenal; John Phillips Committee won Committee of the Year at the Hall Committee Awards and the London Rep Squad won Programme Rep Team of the Year at the Loughborough Academic Award. Furthermore, postgraduates have seen a great increase in recognition at other ceremonies this year.

Come 6.30pm on Saturday the 24th June, the tables were set, the food prepared and the drinks poured. Our Game of Thrones themed evening began with a drinks reception, before moving through our corridor adorned with House Banners before taking our sets amongst the orange hue of around 100 candles.

The Loughborough Postgraduate Awards was your night, and it was a pleasure to host and to welcome so many postgraduate students, both research and taught, to the ceremony. With 14 awards celebrating numerous facets of our postgraduate community, we aimed to recognise both the students and the staff that have contributed so much this year to the postgraduate experience.

The winners and highly commended for the awards were:

  • PhD Teaching – Louisa Ejim
  • Subwarden of the Year
    • Highly Commended, Romanda  Dilon
    • Winner - Emma Blundell
  • Postgraduate Representative of the Year – Mohammad Daniyaal Khan
  • Postgraduate Event of the Year
    • Highly Commended LiQUiD Lab 
    • Winner –Think and Drink (London Rep Team)
  • Contribution to Student Development – Donna Palmer
  •  Unsung Hero – Jenny Evans
  • Postgraduate Team of the Year
    • Highly Commended London Rep Squad
    • Winner - LiQUiD Lab Committee
  • Postgraduate Volunteer of the Year
    • Highly Commended - Jae Wook Park
    • Winner - James Brady
  • Supervisory Team of the Year – Julie Fisher and Brian Reed 
  • Outstanding Delivery
    • Highly Commended - Louise Cooke
    • Winner - Val Mitchell
  • The John Phillips Contribution to Community Award
    • Highly Commended  - Amina Hamoud and Laurence Coles
    • Winner - PhD Social and Support Network
  • Contribution to Knowledge – Oliver Hooper
  • Immediate Impact Award – Sumai Betrand
  • The Bryn Pike Award – Ellie Read

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, shortlisted, highly commended or won. Your contribution is undeniable and you’ve all helped this year become a great success for us in LSU.

I move onto a new post with Loughborough University in around 3 weeks; and running and hosting this awards ceremony capped off what has been an exceptional first year for this post. We’ve seen engagement skyrocket with our postgraduate populations this year, and it’s been a real privilege to introduce so many to LSU and welcome them to our community.

However, we know that there is still more to do in how we can improve the postgraduate experience here at Loughborough. With the plans ongoing for a better social calendar over summer and our first LSU Postgraduate Welcome Week, we’ll try our hardest to make your experience better.

Thank you for everything you have provided over the year; it has been a pleasure and my privilege to represent such an important part of the Loughborough population.

George Hones

Postgraduate Executive Officer 2016/17