A Record-Breaking Christmas Food Drive

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In Action (our volunteering section), Christmas is a very special time, where each year we run an annual food drive to help those in need. The majority of items collected are done so by our Action Reps who live in halls of residence. The overall aim being to collection the most non-perishable items in comparison to rival halls (all as competitive fun, of course!).

This year, LSU Action collected a record-breaking 15,000 items of food, clothing, and dog food - more than 2,000 items more in comparison to last year! This fantastic achievement by our students meant that Action could support the following organisations: Shepshed Food Bank, Exaireo Trust, Falcon Centre, College Garth Kennels, The Bridge and Carpenter’s Arms.

As well as food donations, LSU Action ran further initiatives aiming to increase the amount of donations we could make to these organisations. Over 60 shoe boxes, many of which were kindly donated by the local Clarks shop, were decorated and made my both staff and students alike from across the University, Students’ Union staff and College were donated to the Falcon Centre to be given out on Christmas Day!

To add to this success, LSU ran a ‘Bring A Tin to Get In’ event whereby students could enter our club for free if they brought a tin of food with them!, which resulted in over 800 items were donated. Lastly, we also ran a drop-off point in the office as a “Reverse Advent Calendar” where people could donate individual items.

Anna Milewska (Action Executive Officer) said "I am so proud and thankful for the donations and hard work that has been put into this project. It is a true testament to our students, staff and volunteers demonstrating even small gestures of kindness can have a massive impact on those in need. Christmas is about giving, and doing amazing things for other people. Our students never fail to amaze me, I am so proud to show people in our community and beyond that Loughborough University Students do so much good for others and we should appreciate all the time and effort they give to others alongside doing their degrees".

After all, Action speaks louder than words.


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