What is international day?

International Day brings together and celebrates all the different cultures here at Loughborough. It educates students about what it means to be International and gives them an insight into different cultural traditions. You know your culture better than anyone and we need you to help us celebrate it!?

What happens on the Day?

Arrive at the Students' Union at 9.45 am to set up your stall

The event will start at 11am and finish at 3pm on the 15th of November

Each Country as a stall with a table and a board to use to represent their culture

Be as Fun and Creative as you can with your stall!!! Maybe bring Make/Buy your cultural food or drink! (everybody loves free food after all!), a Map of your country, some country facts, wear your national dress, bring your flag or Your Currency, have an Interactive stall- the more people can get involved with the activities you put on or thing you are giving out the more likely they are to engage with your culture, write phrases of your Language, etc

You can also perform! 2 stages will be available for you on the day so if you wish to sing in your native language or show a dance from your country, please feel free to do so! You can perform if you wish in your time slots.

Food Safety

You have a budget of £50 to spend on decoration and food or drink for your stall

Payment will only be given on presentation of a receipt from the business supplying the item It can be claimed no later than 14 DAYS AFTER the event