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Your Voice is the publication of the Student Representation team at Student Voice in Loughborough Students Union. Once a term we will publish an online only newsletter exploring all the great work that our Programme Presidents and Programme Reps have been up to as well sharing upcoming events that you can all get involved with. We are also looking to develop a new published format which would be similar to this one but be widely distributed across campus. We would welcome any thoughts that you may have on this or want to contribute to any of our newsletters (online or paper based) by getting in touch with us at 


We have changed the format of the newsletter recently to be pdf based rather than embedded in our website. This should hopefully make it easier for you to read current and past editions on different devices. We are in the process of converting our old newsletters into pdf formats so hopefully, you will soon be able to see them!

Academic Year 2016/2017

Your Voice Volume One

Your Voice Volume Two - Rep and Mentor Week Special (10th April 2017)

Your Voice Volume Three - Exam Season Special (6th June 2017)





Academic Year 2015/2016