Your representatives

Who are your department representatives?

Having an issue with your course? Do you have idea for improving your degree? Want to give your department feedback? You are in the right place!


Programme Reps collect your views and raise them with your department. They are a vital link to ensure your views are heard. If you have any issues relating to your course they should be your first point of contact. You can speak to your Reps in person, between lectures or submit any issues online to your Programme President.

Programme Reps attend department Student Staff Liaison Committee meetings, to offer feedback what you think about your course and work with departments to resolve issues. There is one Rep position for each part on each course. To become a Programme Rep you will need to nominate yourself at the start of the year.

Vote for your Programme Rep

Become a Programme Rep - See if your course is in the by-elections

There is one Programme President per department. They are responsible for coordinating the Programme Reps and act as the main point of contact for more serious issues which may need escalating within the University. They also attend strategic department meetings e.g. Annual Programme Review. To become a Programme President you must have previously been a Programme Rep and only Programme Reps can vote for the President – this happens at the end of the academic year.

Contact your Programme President

Having difficulties contacting your Programme Reps? Contact Anna Holt, Education EO,