SBE Student Council

Run to be on the School of Business and Economics Council

The School of Business and Economics are currently electing new member to their SBE Student Council, a unique opportunity for students in the School to shape and influence the future of the School in contexts not covered by existing systems of the Programme Rep system and Department Committees.

Nominations open at 8am on 25/10/16 and close at 23:59 on 29/10/16

Voting will open at 10am on 31/10/16 until 23:59 on 06/11/16

Please note, yout must be logged in to vote in the elections.



From a student’s perspective being a member of the SBE Student Council:

  • gives an opportunity to work in collaboration with senior University Staff to provide input into SBE strategic planning processes
  • be capable of making vital changes in the important University procedures
  • meet with senior staff members of the SBE
  • meet other students from different levels (e.g. PhD, MSc, MBA etc.) and exchange the views
  • improve your employability

Skills that can be gained:

  • team work
  • strategic decision-making
  • analysing skills
  • communication and presenting skills
  • problem solving skills


School of Business and Economics
Student Council
Terms of Reference

1.    Objectives
•    To update students on the School strategy and its implementation, and to secure student input to the strategic direction and development of the School of Business and Economics (SBE).
•    To co-ordinate and promote, in conjunction with relevant student associations, student-led extra-curricular activities for SBE students.
•    To facilitate student involvement in key external-facing activities of SBE, including accreditation and promotional activities.

2.    Membership
•    Students:
o    Nine representatives of SBE students elected from:
Undergraduate students: four
MSc students: two
MBA students: one
PG Research students: two
o    LSU VP Education (Ex officio)
o    SBE Programme President(s) (Ex officio)
•    SBE Staff:
o    Dean
o    Associate Dean (Teaching)
o    Director of Programme Quality
o    Director of Learning and Teaching
•    The Dean’s Secretary will act as Secretary to the Student Council
•    Other students or members of staff may be invited to attend as appropriate for discussion of specific issues. 

3.    Elections and terms of office
Elections shall be conducted via LSU as early as is practicable each academic year.
Student members shall normally serve for one year except that, in order to maintain some continuity, the elected students may nominate up to three individuals from amongst their number, including up to two undergraduates and up to two postgraduates, to serve for two years.
Student members may be re-elected and may serve for a maximum of three years (whether consecutive or not). 

4.    Chair of the Student Council
The Chair of the Student Council shall be elected by and from the elected student members.  

5.    Frequency of Meetings
The Student Council will normally meet three times per year, usually once per term.  The student members will consult with the student body between Council meetings to gather feedback, insights and ideas on matters of strategic direction and development.

6.    Review
These Terms of Reference were agreed at the Student Council Meeting on (insert date) and are to be reviewed annually at the first meeting of each academic year.