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We have been working on ‘How 2’ guides to help you develop skills within your role.

Leaders in Education – Advanced Programme (LEAP)

Take the LEAP and sign up for our brand new advanced training programme! LEAP lasts one semester and you can take part in either semester 1 or 2.

Attend 3 out of the 5 following advanced training sessions (must include either A or B):

LEAP A - Developing Leadership & Project Management 

As the name suggests, in this session, you will develop leadership skills. This will cover team leadership, motivating and inspiring others, project and change management, problem solving and how to chair meetings.

LEAP B - Managing Collaboration & Team Working

As the name of the session suggests, in this session, you will develop team work and collaboration. This will involve developing managing relationships and diplomacy, problem solving, analytical thinking, decision making and forming strategies. You will also develop your facilitation and event/ meeting planning skills.

LEAP C - Practicing Public Speaking & Networking

In this session, you will develop presentation and public speaking skills, alongside developing your active listening ability, and verbal communication skills.

LEAP D - Enhancing Personal & Professional Attributes

This session will develop your time management and negotiation skills, whilst also looking into self awareness and reflection. You will also develop communication; written, verbal and online; including email and social networking. You will also learn how to be assertive and professional.

LEAP E - Exploring Cultural Awareness & Inclusivity (online)

This is an interactive online module, and covers areas including cultural awareness, sensitivity, unconscious bias and inclusion. 

With the ongoing support of Student Voice, you will take part in short, interactive assessments and complete a reflective report at the end of the programme. You will receive ongoing support from the Student Voice team to develop your skills, confidence and employability.

Once you pass you will get a certificate, help with your CV and interview skills and an invite to an exclusive presentation evening and networking event and the end of the year. You can also earn Rep or Peer Support points for attending the sessions.


Applications for semester 2 are now closed.

For any/all queries feel free to get in touch with Student Voice Staff

Jordan Dawson - Senior Voice Consultant:

Hannah McManmon- Peer Support Co-ordinator: