Meet the committee

Meet your Welfare and Diversity Committee 2018/19!


Hi there!

We are the Welfare and Diversity Committee 2018/19! We meet once a week on a Monday evening at 6pm in the Students' Union. The committee is chaired by myself, and all the representatives are expected to attend the weekly meetings and report back on their sections.

We are a very friendly bunch of people and always open to new suggestions and ideas! If you have any questions please drop me an email at


Looking forward to hearing from you!


Salomé Doré
Welfare & Diversity Executive Officer 2018/19


Welfare & Diversity Committee 2018/19

Welfare & Diversity EO: Salomé Doré

Vice Chairs: Matt Youngs & Chris McLeod

Hall Reps Coordinator: Jade Taylor

Media & Communications Officer: Nick Johnson

Consent & Sexual Health Coordinator: Hannah Gudde

Disability Officer: Sally Handford

Ethnic Minorities Officer: Aarushi Mittal

LGBT+ Officer: Chris McLeod

Mature Students' Officer: Hana Jacobson

Mental Health Coordinator: Alex Allen

Nightline Coordinator: Matt Youngs

International DO: Ana-Maria Bilciu

Women's Officer: Abi Sutton