What is Transform? 

Transform is one of our biggest campaigns, and our first one focused on supporting transgender students. We aim to aid and support every student who identifies as transgender at Loughborough, and are working towards making our campus more inclusive to the trans community.


Our Aim 

To create a more inclusive university experience for all students at Loughborough, regardless of gender identity. We plan to do this through several different avenues, including making it easier for students to transition at university, both socially and academically, and creating more gender neutral bathrooms on campus.


Who runs Transform?

Transform is run by trans students, for trans students. We are lead by the LGBT+ Association’s Trans* Officer, and work closely with our + Officer and the Chair of the Staff LGBT+ Association. We constantly look for input and feedback from trans students about what changes they would like to see and where they think the university could be made to be more inclusive.


When Do We Meet?

Transform runs a fortnightly meeting in the Loughborough Students’ Union where we discuss progress that has been made and any ideas for new changes we would like to see implemented around campus. These events are held on alternating Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm. 


We also have more informal socials where trans students can relax, make friends, and be themselves without fear of discrimination. These events vary, but will include movie nights, game board evenings, meals out, and some bigger events such as laserquest and shopping trips later in the year.



If you would like to know more, or are interested in coming to one of Transform’s events, please contact the Loughborough LGBT+ Association Trans Officer or any other committee member.


Trans Officer, Kaylee Sullivan:




Loughborough LGBT+ Association: