Out in Education

Starting in 2017, Loughborough University established our own Out in Education branch from The University of Nottingham.


What is Out in Education? 

Out in Education is a non-profit organisation established to tackle homophobia, biphobia and transphobia at primary and secondary schools. We aim to educate children about non-heterosexual families, support young LGBT+ people coming to terms with their sexuality, and train teachers on how to organically bring LGBT+ issues into the classroom. We deliver workshops and assemblies to students throughout the Loughborough and wider Leicestershire area. 


Our Aim 

To create an inclusive environment at schools through educating pupils about what is means to be lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender. This includes topics such as: stereotypes, cyber-bullying, offensive language, different families and healthy relationships.

We also help schools create effective pupil-led anti-bullying policies.


Out in Education Officer 2019-2020

Emily Semmens - outineducationloughborough@gmail.com



Who runs Out in Education?

Out in Education is run by young people, for young people. We feel as though this student-led and pupil-sustained approach is what leads the project to be so successful.

The Loughborough branch is looking to engage with local education authorities and schools in Leicestershire and the surrounding area. Other branches have seen the positive impact Out in Education has on pupils at schools and can be seen in Ofsted reports.



Out in Education runs solely thanks to the time, effort and commitment of our wonderful volunteering team.



Sign up or for more information 

However you feel you would like to get involved with whatever time commitment, we would love for anyone to help provide the support that you or your friends and family would have loved to have had growing up. 

Sign up or ask more questions by emailing us at outineducationloughborough@gmail.com



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