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"The leading student body at Loughborough who are responsible to represent the interests and
be the voice of students in all sporting matters at Loughborough University."


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What does the Sport Senate do?

  1. Represents the interests and act as the voice of students in all sporting matters at Loughborough University.
  2. Represent Loughborough Students’ Sport to external bodies outside of The Union and Loughborough University.
  3. Supports The Union’s membership and provides advocacy for these students on sport.
  4. Promotes student leadership and responsibility within all sporting sections.
  5. Provides a link with the Sport Development Centre’s senior leadership team.
  6. Works with The Union and Sport Experience Team to support the provision and management of programmes of sport at Loughborough.
  7. Ensures all students feel able to take part in sport at the appropriate level, providing lifelong experiences through sport.


How does the Sport Senate do this?

  1. Attends the Student Sport Retreat with University Staff to build relationships and discuss the strategy for Loughborough's Sporting Offer.
  2. Organises regular meetings throughout the academic year and openly publishes meeting minutes.
  3. Creates clear communication pathways for anyone wanting to consult or gain insight from the group.
  4. Ensures transparency of the group's composition and justifies relevant changes.
  5. Holds the Sport Executive Officer accountable throughout their tenure.


For more information about the Sport Senate, please see the group's constitution here.