Societies Training

Societies Training is an essential part of being on a Society Committee, with information being shared on everything from organising and running an event, to branding guidelines and finance training - as such, this is compulsory for all committee members of each society.

All four presentations that were previously delivered during May's training sessions can be found below, as well as videos introducing Excheqeur 365, and copies of the template risk assessment and code of conduct referred to within the training presentations.

If you have any further questions, please pop into the office to speak to either myself or Alison - and check your post while you're at it! If you didn't know already, we are upstairs in the Students Union offices, opposite the central Sports Office.


Welcome and Intros - here you can learn a little bit more about the team who are running the Societies Section this year, and see some of the things that may be new for the year ahead!

Branding and Websitehere you can see more information about branding guidelines and rules, and how to best utilise the website admin tools that are available as a society committee member!

Events Planning and Risk Assessmentshere is all the information and regulation you need to know about planning an event, with some dos and don'ts and suggested things to think about, as well as the advice behind creating your society's risk assessments and codes of practice!

Societies Financeshere are a few tips and pieces of advice on managing society finances, as well as an introduction to eXpense365... our brand new online banking system, gradually replacing the current claim forms! Video guides on using the eXpense365 app are below:



Societies Training 2018