Societies Application

Please complete this form giving as much detail as possible. Remember that the people who review this form may know nothing about your chosen society’s activities, so explain everything!

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Name of your proposed Society:

Describe the core aims and objectives of your Society:

What facilities would your Society require to operate:

Sports Hall
Courts / Pitch
Lecture Room
Meeting Room

How often would you require this facility:

If you know which days or time you require these facilities, detail them here:

Would you require the use of any equipment to run your Society, Please give details of how important each item or set of items would be and give approximate costs:

Please answer all the following Questions:

Is your core activity a sport?


Would you require storage room for equipment?


Would you affiliate to an external organisation?


If Yes, what organisation?:

Would you operate off campus?


If Yes, where:

Would you require the use of a Coach/Instructor/Guide/Official?


If Yes, what for:

Proposed membership costs:


It should be noted that there is a £5 charge for insurance and administration when joining a society in addition to the membership fee you set.

This membership fee will be used for your events and activities throughout the year so make sure you budget for your activities.

If the membership is less than £5 you will not be entitled to apply for grant money.

Please briefly describe your Core activity:

In 100 words, describe how you believe your proposed Society will be a benefit to the Students' Union and other students:

Following completing this application, it will be considered by the Societies Executive Officer. You will hear shortly whether your application has been successful and what to do next.

Be aware that you will need to produce and submit a Risk Assessment as well as gain 25 sign ups through the website (this will be set up for you) before your Society will be affiliated. You may start work on these documents now to speed through the process of your application, should this first step be successful. For information on how to complete the documents above contact