Societies Sport

Societies Sport…

(or SocSport for short) has become a staple part of the LSU Societies experience over the last few years!! Through participation in either our regular SocSport league or our SocSport one-day events - it's a fantastic chance to take part in competitive sport competition, with a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere! More importantly, it is a wonderful opportunity to get out and spend time with members of your own society, showing all that you stand for, and meeting others from a whole range of different societies and backgrounds!

SocSport really can be an invaluable part of what your society has to offer!!


If you want to play sport or get involved in some physical activity as a society there are lots of opportunities available and we’d love to see you getting more physically active!


  1. SocSport – A series of leagues and one day sports events that run throughout the year where societies play against one another in some fun and friendly competition -
  2. My Lifestyle – Attend one of many activities as part of the weekly timetable or turn up and play at one of our recreational sport parks for FREE -
  3. Book a casual pay and play session in one of our sports facilities -
  4. Join a Social League with your society 
  5. If you have an idea about getting your society more active let us know!