Exec Elections

Vice Chair

Candidates: 1

Name: James Merizalde-Velounias

Manifesto: Hi, I'm James and I'm running for Vice chair. Throughout the time I have been in Loughborough, I have made fun memories and many friends. Most importantly I feel at home when I'm at Luff. Thus, I wish to serve Loughborough and its students as Vice chair. I want to assist the Exec team as to ensure that all students voices are heard, and I'd like to make a difference to how societies are run. Currently, I am also the Vice Chair for LSU Video Games Society, so I understand what it entails to be vice chair in a team. Furthermore, I have worked inside the home office and worked alongside my MP, this involved taking minutes and responding to questions or grievances. I believe the skills I have gained during these experiences will help me for the position of Vice Chair. So please vote for me :) <3


2 x Events Co-ordinators

Candidates: 2

Name: Naomi Howlett

Manifesto: Hello Everyone!

I am a second year computer science and maths student who had a huge passion for societies! I have been involved in several societies and been on the committee of vegsoc, femsoc and now chair STAR. I love being involved in societies and helping students find somewhere they belong. Last year I was vice chair of societies and this year I have been one the two events reps, it has b and not such an amazing experience  putting on events such as showcase and the awards it would be an absolute pleasure if you were to elect me to do it again, and I think I can build on my experience from this year to carry on the upwards trajectory of these events. I would also love to introduce a summer showcase displaying the talents of all our societies and showing off all the amazing accolades that societies have achieved over the year. Thank you for reading and please do get in touch if you have any questions.


Name: Isabel Varela Knorr

Manifesto: Hi,

My name is Isabel Varela Knorr and I would like to run as next years Event coordinator.

I want to share the experience i have had and help other students feel like they belong here by supporting societies in putting on their events and helping create a welcoming environment here at Loughborough University.

 My vision as event coordinator, is to include as many students (undergrad, international, mature and post grad) in all events, taking in to consideration financial, cultural and suitability point of views. I want to help organize events not only for oncoming students but also for students that might have lost interest in participating in societies and reengaging them with the benefits. Thus, creating events that will provide a fun environment for all and the opportunity to come out of one's comfort zone and make new friends. Making Loughborough a place everyone can call home away from home.

This is a position I held this past year and is one I am truly passionate about. Alongside the Exec team I have learned a lot and I strongly believe this will be enable me to improve next years events.



Media Rep

This position has no candidates running yet!


You can run for this position at the Societies AGM on 20th May 6-8pm in J001 EHB


Development Officer

Candidates: 3

Name: Jasmine Clements

Manifesto: I am standing for development officer as I have been involved in LSU societies for the past two years across a variety of different sections and I would like to take more of a role in ensuring new and existing Societies can grow. I would like to ensure that all societies continue to get the opportunities for training that they need, particularly for key roles such as chair and treasurer as well as more training for media reps due to their growing importance under the SRS. I would like to work with section reps to identify societies that are doing well in their section to identify the reasons for their success and help other newer or struggling societies achieve this. I would also like to try and increase engagement between different societies working with the events co-ordinators as I have seen through my own personal experience that this is a great way to increase membership and engagement within societies through collaboration.


Name: Joshua Mirek

Manifesto: Thanks to the diverse selection of societies our Student Union has to offer, this year I was able to find new friends who shared my passions. But, as someone who wants to see everything we have to offer, I would love to see this selection become even larger. As Development Officer I would be committed to facilitating the creation and growth of new societies, making it as easy as possible for people to represent their hobbies and interests.


Name: Jack Smith

Manifesto: - I aim to place emphasis as Development Officer on not only the Freshers’ Fair, but the often-overlooked Refreshers’ Fair. The lack of attendance on the latter can be argued to handicap any societies forming mid-way through the year and this is a crucial moment for new societies trying to attract memberships and support. I believe that with procedures such as a larger venue, and attendance incentives similar to those of the Freshers’ Fair, this can aid recently-formed societies greatly.

- As someone working on a new society committee myself (Pro-Wrestling Society) I have first hand experience of the difficulties in establishing a new society within the university and the support that is needed.

- In the short time I have attended the university I have assumed committee responsibility for two societies, including Chair for Shakespeare Society, and recognise the intentions of the LSU Societies office to develop and celebrate each society in their respective section. Thus, my understanding for both the Exec team’s objectives and my experience in the day-to-day operations of running a society will allow me to ensure a strong level of communication and co-operation between both.

- I put a lot of my enjoyment and personal development this year down to my engagement within the societies available, and I believe that an increased diversity within the list of societies available can only benefit the students who may not have found their niche yet, and I hope to do so as your LSU Societies’ Development Officer.


Academic and Careers Rep

This position has no candidates running yet!


You can run for this position at the Societies AGM on 20th May 6-8pm in J001 EHB


Culture and Faith Rep

This position has no candidates running yet!


You can run for this position at the Societies AGM on 20th May 6-8pm in J001 EHB


Outdoor and Sports Rep

Candidates: 1

Name: Adithya B Rao

Manifesto: My name is Adithya Rao, a first-year student of the school of sport, exercise and health science, studying sports management. I am an international student from Bangalore, India Sports is one of the things that brings the world together without any discrimination and that is exactly what I intend to do at Loughborough as a part of the exec team if chosen. I would like to host events which bring together not only students from the Loughborough community and continue the legacy that Loughborough prides itself on for the past 40 years at the international level in sports. Another aspect I would like to get involved is to highlight the vision of the university and get our students from all backgrounds to get involved in sport even if it for the purpose of leisure, whichever they would be interested in. Creating inter-societal sports fest, are additional ideas that I would like to implement if chosen. Student’s coming in from different countries and backgrounds may find it difficult to get adjusted to the environment, and what better way to get them to break the ice other than sport! Primarily being an International student in an ethnic minority background at Loughborough puts me at an advantage on what are the things that a student would expect in matters of welfare and diversity inclusion using sport, and being in the Athletic Union Tennis team has given me certain ideas which I believe would benefit the exec committee, I hope you consider this manifesto to be good enough for your role and hope you choose me to be your Outdoor and Sports Rep for the coming year


Performance and Arts Rep

Candidates: 2

Name: Benjamin Parrett

Manifesto: Hi my name is Ben, and I'm running for performance and arts rep. Personally I feel I have a lot I can bring to the table, and have a lot of experience in the arts.


My experience:

Initially I was a classically trained musician, however in typical "School of Rock" fashion I moved into Rock Music pretty quickly during High School. I play in multiple bands, and have been on both the Performance and Technical ends of gigs and events so I know my way around a drum kit as well as a mixing desk. I am also currently the Chairman of the Music society.


My ideas:

I am really keen to have more showcase style events through the year. I strongly feel that the performance and arts societies are unrepresented. Showcase events in collaboration with Stuesday, Hey Ewe and FND could be hugely beneficial to both the Union and the Societies. The union facilities are grossly underused and I know full well the performance and arts societies could put on some fantastic events.


Thank you for your time, I appreciate your votes.


Name: William Obiri-Danso

Manifesto: I'm Will, a second year ECSE student that has been a member of Tuxedo Swing for two years and I am planning to join LSU Classical next year.


I appreciate the amount of work that the societies executive do, and I want to be a part of that going into next year.


If elected, I will strive to support members from my section, as well as be a helping hand to anyone else who may need it.



General Interest Rep

Candidates: 2

Name: Seth Johnson

Manifesto: My university experience has been shaped by my avid involvement in the societies of the Union. My involvement has continued to increase this year - I became the current Chair of the Tabletop Games committee due to a desire to enhance the experience of its members. I will replicate that same attitude within the position of General Interest Rep, working to ensure every society in the section provides the utmost performance it is capable of. My goal is to give a voice to each society within my section and deliver the utmost care and attention to their needs.

The open letter I provided to the Union regarding the SRS scheme is one aspect that I believe shows my aptitude. I hope to show my regenerative attitude and an individual open to a collectivist approach to change. Our paramount motivation must be that we are a proactive, member orientated, engaging organisation that caters to the community of societies.

I believe this can be achieved through my following proposals:

•             Develop and improve the SRS to deliver a practical solution for all societies.

•             Establish an open communication line between my section societies and the exec team.

•             Provide a personal experience when dealing with societies

•             Collaborate with section societies to enable the collective to flourish and maintain a sustainable growth for the future.

•             Encourage further intersociety collaboration within and outside of the section.


Name: Christopher Thomas Allen

Manifesto: Hello, I am Chris Allen.


As a third year chemistry student I’m currently going onto my second year of committee for Video Games society (VGS). First as their treasurer and now as their media officer.


I’m running for General Interest Rep as I have really enjoyed my time being a committee member and would love to share my experience and knowledge to help improve on other societies.


I consider myself a friendly figure someone who’s easily approachable as well as a good listener/problem solver. You may have seen me in chairs meetings where I’ve expressed events which our society has done and any support which we need. From my time on committee I’ve worked in and around a lot of areas of the union. Working under a large society that is VGS we’ve run into many issues when wanting to organise and run events. From problems such as using the union van, room bookings to food hygiene. I’ve been witness to it all and helped work around and provide solutions to such issues.


I’ve been able to see the difficulties which can hinder societies from running events first hand as well as working around them, offering an alternative solution, or guiding them towards the help they need. Being able to support societies and see them grow is something that I enjoy doing.