If you have members who wish to join but are University staff, Alumni or not a member of the University please see this: Loughborough Students' Union Constitution Paragraph 4



Membership in the Societies Constitution

  • Full members of Societies are members of Loughborough Students’ Union who have paid the Societies section fee and membership to an affiliated society
  • Only student members are allowed to take part in the democratic processes of a society (e.g. Society Committee Elections, Societies Exec Elections, Society Chairs Council, Motions at the AGM)
  • Only student members are allowed to take up a position on a Society Committee or Societies Executive
  • Associate members may be allowed to join if approved by the committee of the society
  • The VP Societies and the Union have the right to decline any requests for associate members if necessary
  • There is a limit of 5 associate members to every 20 students
  • Societies must meet a minimum of 20 members, if they do not they will not be entitled to funding from the section