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Charity Partner Application Guidelines


A brief history of Loughborough Students' Union Rag

Loughborough Students’ Union Rag (LSU Rag) is one of the oldest and largest student fundraising organisations in the country, having been established in 1937 and raising a total of £16,739,461 since we first started keeping records in 1979. LSU Rag has had a paid Sabbatical Officer, the Rag Executive Officer (Rag E.O.), leading the organisation since the academic year 1986-1987. LSU Rag presides over all fundraising of Loughborough students, whether situated at the University, College or Loughborough's London Campus, as well as offering fundraising opportunities to Union and University Staff alike. LSU Rag along with its student and staff members have been setting the bar for what student fundraising can achieve, being the first Rag in the country to have an annual total above £1 million; a feat we have managed for 8 years in a row.


Loughborough Students' Union Rag has a unique system for selecting charity partners. Unlike most Rags, LSU Rag has many different fundraising opportunities for your charity; this section will explain how to become a Loughborough Students’ Union Rag Charity Partner.


LSU Rag’s 3 main fundraising routes are broken down below.


Rag Raids

Raids are LSU Rag's terminology for bucket collections at train stations, events or city centers around the country. Raids often include a night's stay at the location to allow our collectors to make the most of the morning rush hour. The two Raids Officers on Rag Committee, along with the Rag E.O., are dedicated to assuring Loughborough students get up and down the country to collect money for charitable causes. In Term 1 of the current academic year, Raids raised over £68,000, including £24,000 for the Poppy Appeal in one day. Examples of Raids that LSU Rag has participated in:

  • Central London Tube/National Rail Stations
  • Matchday raids at football stadiums
  • Ball or gala type event collections
  • Major events such as the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race


External Events

External Events are off-campus/international trips organised by charities or by their challenge event partners, with the exception of LSU Rag's own DARE trip. These trips are essentially opportunities for students at LSU to have 'life-changing' experiences, that they wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to take part in, with fundraising for charity being a key aspect of that. Some of these trips are staples that LSU Rag has been running for years such as the London to Paris cycle, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and the 3 Peaks Challenge. Others are newer events that were pitched and successfully taken on, such as Dash to Dubrovnik and the New York Marathon. Each trip is assigned student Team Leaders who will be the lead for recruitment and will go on the trip. The Team Leaders are overseen by the two External Events Coordinators on Rag Committee, who work alongside the Rag E.O., in supporting the Team Leaders and their participants with various resources and fundraising opportunities, as well as liaising with charities and their partners.


Internal Events

Internal Events are predominantly on-campus events organised by the Rag E.O. and the two Internal Events Coordinators of Rag Committee. Events such as our Fireworks Extravaganza, which raises over £30,000, and our twice annual Colour Dash are some of the highlights of student's time in Loughborough. Most of the events are continuations from previous years, but LSU Rag is always looking to create original and exciting events for students. The Internal Events Coordinators either create new events to fill a demand or a charity can pitch their own event that they have run elsewhere and believe will work well at Loughborough. Proceeds raised through unassigned Internal Events form a fund which is distributed to three local charities.


What Type of fundraising are you eligible for?

Your eligibility for LSU Rag’s 3 types of fundraising is broken down below.


Rag Raids

Any charity is eligible to partner with LSU Rag on Rag Raids. To partner, charities must email the or the Rag EO at a minimum of 1 month before the collection, although we recommend earlier if possible. We will not be accepting Rag Raids till after mid-September. Once a request is received, the Rag E.O. and Raids Officers will aim to respond within one week. Charities are expected to prepare the permits for the raid and organise accommodation for the students, if needed, as well as contribute towards travel costs, as standard across the sector. LSU Rag will ensure, to the best of our ability, that the agreed number of students participate in the raid, as well as provide bucket swapping services for our collectors if required.


External Events (Deadline Passed Until Next Year)

All Charities are eligible to be partners with Loughborough Students’ Union Rag on External Events. The application process has three stages:

  1. Digital form
    1. There will be a digital form which will be used to asses which Charities get invited to interview (
  2. Interview
    1. The interview will last 15 minutes and can be broken down into:
      1. 5-minute presentation by charity representative on why LSU Rag should choose them
      2. 5-minute of answer a set of pre-written questions
      3. 5-minute for questions for the interviewing panel
  3. Announcement
    1. The selected charity partners will be announced by the Rag Chair & Committee


LSU Rag is generally looking for new and exciting trips to take on as well as to partner with charities with experience in challenge events fundraising, desirably student challenge events, and a dedicated fundraising team to support our students in reaching their fundraising goal. Charities who don’t have a trip of their own or are not partnered with a Challenge Company should look to apply for DARE, which is an LSU Rag run trip. However, it should be noted that charities will still need to offer students and Team Leaders fundraising support.

Charities Interest in applying should email the Rag E.O. or Rag Administrator to receive more information on how to apply as well as dates of note; email addresses are at the bottom.


Internal Events

There are two ways Charities can become LSU Rag's partner on Internal Event, the first is only available to local Charities and the second is available to all charities.

  1. Local Charities and Voluntary groups based within Charnwood & Leicestershire can apply to be a Charity Partner via an online form (
    1. The application will be reviewed and three Leicestershire charities will be chosen to be the recipient of money fundraised from LSU Rags Unassigned Internal Events that academic year. (Deadline Passed Until Next Year)
  2. Any charity is eligible to pitch, first via email, an event they currently run and believe that Loughborough students will be interested in.
    1. Potential partner must email the Rag E.O. ( or Jane Turner (
    2. This idea will then be reviewed by the Rag E.O. and the Internal Events Coordinators
    3. Then the Charity will either be invited for an interview in person or skype to take the event further if desired.

Contact info

Contact LSU Rag for more information or clarification on how to become an LSU Rag Charity partner:

Asha Williams – Rag Executive Officer 2017-18

Email: Phone: 01509635036
Jane Turner – Rag Administrator

Email: Phone:01509635037