Speak Week

The First Ever LSU Postgraduate 'Speak Week'

I've finally taken some time to reflect on last week's #SpeakWeek, and wanted to share my thoughts on what I believe was a great week!

The purpose of the week was always to engage our postgraduate students here and let them share their experiences. Our first event held in collaboration with Loughborough University PhD Social & Support Network allowed me to gain some valuable insight into the issues researchers here face, and we got some exceptionally useful information! Thank you for having me!

Our second session changed dramatically from the original intention (from a student-speaker session to a more open forum type of events), but still provided us with some great feedback from international students about how they are inducted and some great practice was shared from other institutions.

Our final event saw a very diverse mix of PGT students, some Reps, provide us with even more feedback, and we briefed them about the PTES.

ALL of the feedback we received is being presented next week by myself and colleagues to senior figures in the university, and we will work hard to ensure we continue to improve the postgraduate experience.

And somehow, our #SpeakWeek Exam Rules video series reached over 30,000 people on our social media channels, with one video getting over 7,500 views! I couldn't believe the popularity of the videos - and I hope many students now feel more well informed about the exam rules.

Thank you to Loughborough Student Voice, in particular Jordan Dawson, for helping me throughout the week! A massive thank you also to the Student Services team who kindly provided us with food for some of the events.


Click here to watch the videos released during Speak Week.