Postgraduate Committee

The Postgraduate Committee is a representative student committee within the Students’ Union, which aims to specifically support and represent postgraduate students in both the Students' Union and University. 

In addition to the Academic Reps and the PGR President & Vice-president, the committee – which will consist of five members and chaired by the Postgraduate Executive Officer – will serve to expand and develop the Postgraduate Community.

Opportunities with the roles

  • A unique opportunity to initiate change and shape the postgraduate experience at Loughborough University
  • Position to easily network and forge important and beneficial relationships.
  • Improve people management, social and soft skills
  • Increase job prospects
  • Work closely with key members of University and Union staff
  • Leave a legacy by enhancing the postgraduate student experience at Loughborough University

Ideal personal qualities

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Enthusiastic about students’ representation
  • Motivated and driven with good organisational skills
  • A good team player and leader

Employability skills gained

  • Communication & public speaking
  • Teamwork
  • Networking
  • Leadership & management
  • Time management
  • People
  • Decision making
  • Organisational and planning

General committee responsibilities

  • Assist the Postgraduate Executive Officer in the development of the Postgraduate Community.
  • Support the rest of the Postgraduate Committee in their duties where required.
  • Attend and actively contribute to committee meetings that will be held at least once a month
  • Utilise multiple methods including email, social media and lecture shout outs to promote events organised by the committee.
  • Encourage students to submit ideas to the committee to ensure that activities appeal to all students. Could create sub-committees and working groups as it sees fit
  • Network with students and aim to widen participation.

Role Profiles

These profiles (click on the roles below to see) are designed to give you an idea of the required voluntary work within the specific committee roles. It highlights the individual responsibilities of each committee position as well as the required skills and qualities. However, do not let these discourage you, what is more relevant are the enthusiasm and passion to be at the heart of making positive changes to the Loughborough Postgraduate Community.

How to Apply:

Click on "Apply Now" below to fill out a short form that includes a personal statement (not more than 400 words) on why you are interested in the role; how you are suitable for the role; and what you would contribute. Applications are open now till Friday 16th November

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