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Drop in time

If you have an urgent problem please feel free to drop into Student Voice to see Hannah McManmon, The Peer Support Coordinator during 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday.  Details of where to find Peer Support can be found here.  If it is out of office hours and you have an urgent problem relating to a student you support please contact security. 

If your inquiry is not urgent please feel free to email or come in on Thursdays between 2pm-4pm for the Peer Support drop in hours. 


Online Training

Peer Mentor and Peer Assisted Learning Facilitator Online Training, Ask A Student and PAL Resource Area can be found here.

You should be enrolled on the relevent training for your role and your committments. If you are expecting to see some training available to you that isn't on your module homepage please contact


Peer Mentors

Each department has a Facebook Page dedicated solely to Mentors.  Please email your student Coordinator if you want to join your departmental Mentor Facebook page.



Chat with other PALFS

The 2017 PALF Facebook page is here.


Peer Support Personal Development Award

The Peer Support Personal Development Award is a newly launched framework supporting you to get the most out of your volunteering experience. he three pillars, Learn, Act and Reflect help you to demonstrate, gain and reflect on, key graduate skills that you have developed/engaged in whilst volunteering with Peer Support. We have deliberately chosen skills that employers have identified as important to future graduates.

Learn, Act & Reflect

The scheme works by offering under Learn selected bespoke training relevant to the particular skill or activity chosen. Under Act, suggestions are provided as to how this particular skill and/or training can be demonstrated/implented volunteering for Peer Support. Finally, under Reflect, you will be prompted to reflect back on the way in which you engaged with the training provided to demonstrate competency in a particular skill/activity.

In order to qualify for the Award a minimum of 6 core graduate skill modules need to be completed. The good news – by completing the Peer Mentor Refresher Training – you have almost completed one of these 6 modules already!  This training counts as the Learn component to the Advanced Mentoring Module.  All you need to do is attend your mentor meet up and then reflect on the experience on the form provided. 


  • Demonstrates competency in key graduate skills
  • Demonstrates ability to learn, act and reflect
  • Demonstrates engagement with additional bespoke training
  • Demonstrates ability to communicate volunteering and key graduate competencies effectively
  • Provides Peer Support Personal Development Portfolio which includes award certificate and job application ready articulation and demonstration of key graduate competencies
  • Provides an invite to a Peer Support Award Ceremony at the end of the year

For more information on the Peer Support Development Award and the Learn, Act and Reflect process see the LSU Peer Support website. Take part now, and get the most out of your volunteering experience with LSU Peer Support!