PhD Support and Social Network

PhD Support & Social Network

Created by doctoral students for doctoral students

Created in the 2015, the PhD Peer Support and Social Network is organised by a group of PGRs from a wide range of academic backgrounds and experiences. We aim to provide two services to the postgraduate research community (both PhD and D. Eng) at Loughborough University:

  • An informal space for people to meet others, socialise, and get away from their desks for lunch.
  • Support and signposting around issues that researchers may be experiencing.

The core team of PGR students and occasionally our Peer Support Coordinator come together at Graduate House every Tuesday between 12:30 and 13:30 (either in the upstairs Hub or downstairs in the training room).

Informal space for people to meet others, socialise, and get away from their desks for lunch.

One thing we aren’t very good at as PGRs is talking about things which don’t involve our research after all it often overtakes our every waking (and sleeping) moment. We are also quite good at not taking breaks from our own work, whether that be in the lab, in the field or sat at your PC. However, we feel that that time away from your work can be vitally important to ensuring your mental wellbeing.  

Its also great to be able to meet other people from different backgrounds (both research and personal) and talk to them about something other than your research topic. Who knows you might develop lifelong friendships with someone you otherwise would never have met.

Support and signposting:

We run these sessions as a peer led means of supporting each other. It can often feel like services are aimed at the dominant student populations or that they are not accessible to postgraduates. We want to bridge this gap between the users and the services. Something that we feel comes best from those in the same position as you are. The team of PhD students that are regularly there have been trained to try and help with any issues and they can signpost you to any relevant service that may be able to help more.

Our research areas may all be different, but the processes we undertake to get there, the highs and the lows share similarities. We share our research knowledge with others at every opportunity, why not share our general experiences as well? Recently we started a blog up to do exactly that, particularly with our PGRs in mind who are not regularly on campus but who might have something to offer people in similar situations. We are always looking for people to write posts for us on any topic of their choosing. Have a look at what we have written and perhaps write for us at the following address

PGRs helping PGRs.

Please get in touch with us:

Twitter @LboroPhDSN